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- Anne Dawes' Walk: Lynsted, Kingsdown, taking in Doddington

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A Circular Walk through Lynsted, Kingsdown and Doddington - by Anne Dawes

First compiled in 2006 as part of another project, Anne Dawes has offered this walk with a couple of cautions. Firstly, we have seen some improvements in recent years in the condition or removal of stiles, and there have been a couple of minor diversions of paths - for example near to Lynsted Lodge. Please keep an eye open for path indicators.

Walking on lanes and footpaths taking in fine views from the North Downs: enjoying woodland, orchards, sheep pastures, magnificent houses, parkland, three churches and oast houses. The walk gives a fine representation of the variety of local landscapes.

Route Description

  1. Starting at the footpath opposite the Church on Lynsted Lane take the public footpath marked by a stone. (it is also a driveway to a wooden garage) Follow the path; go diagonally across a field over the stile to the sheep pasture and up the hill by the side of Toll Wood. Over the stile and on to Toll Lane, go right to the tee junction with Mill Lane and turn left up the lane until you get to the stile and public footpath sign on your right.
  2. Follow the footpath towards Lynsted Park. Cross a tarmac road and go over a series of 3 stiles bringing you out at a tree house in the wood. The woods have fine displays of snowdrops and blue bells in the spring. There is no clear path here but you can see the next stile in front of you by a field gate. Cross the grassland diagonally and through the trees and there is yet another stile. Follow the footpath down the side of the field until you get to Tickham Lane.
  3. Turn left and follow the road until to get to a footpath sign and the bridge over the motorway. Cross the motor way and follow the lane into Sharsted Woods. The woods are managed and used for shooting. You have the choice of taking detours here to see Doddington Place; visiting Doddington village; looking at Sharsted Hall or visiting the pubs in Doddington or Newnham.
  4. Our route, however, bypasses Doddington and takes you on towards
  5. Kingsdown. About half a mile through the woods is a footpath sign which directs you sharp right and takes you to Church Lane.
  6. Here, turn right and follow the road in a westerly direction. Cross over the main road and you will see a footpath sign near Pinetrees Farm. Follow this footpath across the arable farm land towards Kingsdown Rectory and Church. You will see the spire in the distance.
  7. You may like to look around the churchyard at Kingsdown. The walk then continues along the bridle path to Kingsdown village (taking you over the motorway).
  8. Turn right at the road and stroll through the village until you get to Ludgate Lane, on your left. Follow the lane past the magnificent Ludgate House until you reach Lynsted Village again.


Green Lines indicate paths. Double green lines indicate bridleways.
If printing this Guide, make your settings portrait orientation, “shrink to fit” (or reduce to 80%) and it should fit on two or three sides of A4 - enjoy the route (and the detours mentioned are worth it if you have the time)! If you want to print a larger & clearer map - click here. Save the file and import it to your favourite word-processing or graphics software for printing.

Anne Dawes Walk