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- How can I join the Society?
- Where do you hold your events?
- How do you archive material?
- What areas are of most interest to us?
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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Society?

The best place to start is the About Us page where you can also learn about our Constitution and the background to the development of the Society. Costs and Forms can be found there (or requested in the case of setting up Standing Orders)

Where do you hold your events?


How does the Society archive material?

Very broadly, we scan or photograph material that is shared with us and we store it electronically. A very limited amount of material is lodged and stored with us but only for Society reference and not for publication.

We maintain an electronic security copy of our Archives in three places. Firstly, the web-site holds the records we have processed and created the relevant host pages - as time permits. Secondly, all electronic records (scans, downloads, etc) are held on our Society mobile PC. Thirdly, we make regular backups of data to a removable hard-disk that is held in another location.

Printed copies of physical documents and photographs - use acid-free (paper/card) and non-reactive (e.g. plastics) storage - both in terms of the containers that make contact with originals and the larger containers in which folders, pockets, and loose documents are stored.

What areas are of most interest to us?

Geographically, our main focus is on the wider parish of Lynsted with Kingsdown that stretches between the North Downs and the London Road (A2) where you find the commercial and residential community known for centuries as Greenstreet (until Faversham postal authorities weighed in at the beginning of the 1900s).

We also take an interest in nearby places as that material can shed light on the living conditions and employment changes affecting our own communities. Most significantly, we include material from Teynham as that community evolved in more recent decades to fill in the space between Teynham Street, Barrow Green, the railway station and the north side of Greenstreet/London Road. We also take an interest in material from Faversham and Sittingbourne - our two market towns.

Historically, we have material from Iron Age Finds through to changes in our modern communities. Every piece of information finds a place in 'fleshing out' the Society's contribution to local understanding of our communities and employment.

What happened to the old "Links" pages?

web linksIn the old web site, our Links Pages appeared to be of some interest to visitors. For that reason, we have retained the pages, which can be found on all pages from the link (top right).

Of particular interest to Society Members:


Birdbox Calendar

An additional "legacy" project that has frequent visitors, showed the inside of a birdbox used by blue and great tits over a period of several years (before the camera failed and the law was changed on frequencies available). The principal innovation was to develop a day-to-day timetable for tit families (Blue and Great Tits) - no matter what date they first appear, pair up and take up residence. Enjoy!