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Recent additions

Lynsted Times Issues
newspaper cuttings as part of our "First World War" Book launch and Exhibition (added November 2018)

- The execution of Captain Fryatt in July 1916 and his return for burial in 1919 (passing through Teynham) (report and newspaper cuttings, added July 2016).

- News from ... 1907 & 1912. The Mystery of the Lynsted Lodge Aviator.

- Leese Family Connection to Lynsted - index card notes (October 2014)

- Tales from Teynham by Doug Stubbings (added August 2014); includes tantalising glimpse into Bedmangore.

- Rainer Family Tree - Teynham and Lynsted (added July 2014)

- New Maps

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Books, Pamphlets, Newspapers and Extracts

Roughly organised by the year or period that is referenced in the right column of the table (below).

Thanks to the work of a small band of transcribers (we can always do with more!) and the agreement of authors of family recollections, family trees, formal studies and reports, and newspaper archives we have collected a number of texts and extracts that reveal different faces of our families, communities, buildings and surroundings.

We are also keen to publish original pieces of research including extracts from journals and newspapers.

Reading List (roughly period/date order):

Title or Subject Author or Source Publication Date and/or period

Stedlyn Retreat - Summary Archeaological Report

Wessex Archaeology published 2004: Iron Age and 17th Century traces

Listed Building Records - Lynsted, Kingsdown and Greenstreet

Kent Historic Environment Record Ancient Monuments to 20th Century

Church Patrons, Vicars and Curates - Lynsted, Kingsdown and Teynham

  1313 (Kingsdown) to 1939

The Dating of Timber Houses in the Weald of Kent by the Late Halford L. Mills (1931 article)

  from the 15th Century

The Story of Lady Margaret Roper and the skull of Sir Thomas More ... linked to Lynsted.

  1535 execution; subsequent recovery of his skull and burial in Canterbury; with 1835 elaborations

"The Work of Epiphanius Evesham" - By Edmund Esdaile - Roper Memorials in Lynsted Church

Bob Baxter
Country Life - 11th June 1981
Epiphanius Evesham was born 1570

The Kentish Ballad - a bit of fun (with music!)

Thomas Deloney c.1600

Crimes and Misdemeanours in Lynsted - 16th to 18th Centuries

Peter Stuart c.1590's to 1710's

London Marriage Licences

Peter Stuart 17th Century

Lynsted with Kingsdown "Atlas" - collection of maps

various 18th Century to today

"Lynsted Times" - Eight Issues of 'Horrible Histories'Lynsted Times Link

Nigel Heriz-Smith 18th Century to 20th Century

The Hundred of Tenham - Lynsted (Linsted), Teynham (Tenham) and Doddington

Edward Hasted published between 1788 and 1799

Barlings of Lynsted - correspondence and family tree

Peter Lowe; & Society research 1800's onwards

Greenstreet Family - links with Lynsted Parish (and Teynham)

Paul Greenstreet 15th Century onwards

Grand Evening Concert Poster in Lynsted Board Schools and subsequent discussion

Frank and Lorna Bristow 1888

Lynsted Parish Council Minutes - browse records

Parish Council 1894 to 1968

Eliza Lady Lethbridge, d.1835, and Obtuary for Sir Roper Lethbridge, d.1919

Society response to a visitor enquiry 1835 and 1919

Leese Family links to Lynsted Parish - card index items

Nigel Heriz-Smith To 1854

Vallance (Thomas William) Aymer - Son of Lynsted

Bob Baxter 1862 to 1943

The Mystery of impetuous youth, glamour and Lynsted Lodge - a tale of stage-struck playboys before World War 1.

Nigel Heriz-Smith 1907 and 1912, with WW1 postscripts

The Tragedy of Fanny Judges - sad tale of isolation

Newspaper Cuttings 1st August 1914

"Lynsted Times" - Home Front War Items in five issues.
Lynsted Times Link

Nigel Heriz-Smith 1914-18 World War One

The execution of Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt and his hero's return for burial in England after the War - his story

Nigel Heriz-Smith 27th July 1916 and 8th July 1919

Teynham and Lynsted Fire Brigade Reports - from chimney fires, traction engine sparks, and Ridham Dock... browse records

Eddie Read 1917 to 1937

A Saunter Through Kent - Extracts... Lynsted, Greenstreet and Teynham

Charles Igglesden 1926

Tales from Teynham ... a collection of stories and poems from 1930 onwards, published in 2002 to support St Mary's Church

Doug Stubbings 1930

Roper Memorials - from Archaeologia Cantiana, Vol.XLIV

Aymer Vallance 1932

The Busbridge Family and the Priest's Chair bequest

Nigel Heriz-Smith 1933

Teynham Manor and Hundred - Sections on Greenstreet

Elizabeth Selby published 1935; period 798-1935

Memorial Service for King George V - 3pm, 26th January 1936

David Aggersberg 1936

Lynsted Church War, Damage Appeal - read the pamphlet

Rev. L.E.A. Ehrman, vicar for Lynsted 1940

1943 Obituary for William Howard Aymer Vallance - read obituary

Archaeologia Cantiana: Volume 56 for 1943 1943

Twist of the Collar: Clerical Memoirs - read the book

Rev. L.E.A. Ehrman, vicar for Lynsted 1949

Kingsdown, Lynsted and Norton Parish Newsletters (1977 onwards) - browse records

Begun by Rev. Bill Hill 1977 - onwards

Obituary for Princess Andrew of Russia - read obituary

Daily Telegraph 22nd July 2000 2000

Fungus Forays in Park Farm Orchard and Toll Wood (2001 and 2005) - Illustrated Report

Society Report 2001 and 2005

Lynsted Parish Design Statement, text includes some observations on the built fabric of the Parish [PDF Download]

Design Statement Community Action 2002

Beating the Bounds - images and article on the tradition

Article - Bob Baxter 2003

Newspaper: "Anarchy in the UK Goes Soft" - Lynsted Featured

Sunday Times 2005

The Back Family - Family tree & narrative and discussions

Mrs Penny Courtney 2005+ (email exchanges)

Memorials, Tablets and Hatchments inside Lynsted Church of Saints Peter and Paul

David Wood, churchwarden 2006

Lichens on Lynsted Church Monuments - Illustrated Report

Society Publication 2006

The First Five Years of the Society (2003-2008) - PDF Download (1.2Mb)

Society Publication 2008

Tea Tasting - Illustrated Report and Guide

Society Report 2009

Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions recorded in Lynsted Churchyard - illustrated project pages or PDF download.

Society project and publication 2009

Memories of a Forgetful Man! - 50 years and more in Lynsted Parish or PDF Download (0.5Mb)

David Bage (via Tom English) 2010

George Macey's Family, Stedlyn Farm and Dog Track - Narratives, Gallery and Family Trees

Myra Scott Interview and Records 2010 Interview

Newspaper: Obituary for David Bage - one our founder members and village champion for many decades

Kentish Gazette 28th October 2010

Royal Celebrations - a view from our Parish: PDF Download (9Mb) or smaller PDF

Society Publication 2012

Lynsted Church Guide (includes historical observations): PDF Download (0.8Mb)

David Wood, churchwarden 2012 (revision)

Rainer Family Tree - includes a PDF document provide with thanks to Rod Rainer. Links with Teynham & Lynsted (Mill House),

Rod Rainer 2013