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- Population Statistics for Parishes, County and National




The main focus for the Society is on the Parish of Lynsted with Kingsdown and the north side of London Road that falls in Teynham Parish (and forms the distinct historically community of Greenstreet). We have collected available 'headline' data here.

Sometimes, understanding the local community is made richer by drawing on regional and national collections of information. For example, population trends, impacts of mechanisation on agriculture and personal travel, the arrival of railways, the impact of wars and national conflicts, incomes, occupations - the list is a long one.

Slim Pickings! This is part of the Society's archives that requires more input and analysis. If you can contribute local and regional statistical resources or analysis that you think other visitors to this website might find interesting, please let us know.

On-line statistical resources


Be aware that some statistical web-sites have been rationalised or joined together. The ones listed above are an attempt to give visitors a place to start. Please let us know if you know of others or if any of these links breaks!