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Flower Festivals

- 1984 - Village Life
- 1986 - Saints and Seasons
- 1988 - All Good Gifts Around Them (44 Images)
- 1990 - No Records
- 1992 - Songs of Praise (55 Images)
- 1994 - Poetry and Prose
- 1996 - No Records
- 1998 - Love and Marriage - Programme Only (2 Images)
- 2000 - Kent our County (59 Images)
- 2002 - Golden Jubilee (26 Images)
- 2004 - Our Prayers and Praises (67 Images)
- 2004 - Verses


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Festivals and Fetes

Flower Festivals in Lynsted Church

In recent years, Lynsted Church hosted popular bi-annual Flower Festivals (begun in 1984 but sadly discontinued in 2004). Other churches in the Creekside Cluster have kept the tradition going.

Contributions: Our main contributors of programmes and images include Marlene King, Jennifer Bones, Ann Diamond, Jean Waters, Ray and Marion Clark, and Nigel and Lis Heriz-Smith. If you have any others, please help us to complete the archive.

Explore: You can explore our archive using the navigation to the left of this page. For the better-documented flower festivals, we have programmes and photographs. For some Festivals we don't have any material.

Programmes: Often these include diagrams of the church layout, commentaries by the resident priests and historical notes for the church. Each flower festival was given a theme to inspire the many floral designs.

Background to the Flower Festivals: In the words of Rev. Bill Hill in the first (1984) Programme:

"This is the first Flower Festival held in this church during its 800 years of existence. At least we think so!

What we do know is that there has been a church in Lynsted for at least that length of time.

Although the village has spread out over the centuries people still feel that the heart of the village is the group of houses around the church and the theme of our Festival reflects this idea. We are trying to show it horizontally by depicting its many facets and vertically by reliving our lives from birth to death.

As you move around the church think of the countless thousands who have also looked around this place and whose lives have been bound up within its walls.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit.
God bless you all,
Bill Hill"

The Church History: Summarised in the 1984 Programme.

Traditional Village Fetes

Our annual Traditional Village Fetes continue to thrive today, attracting hundreds of visitors from far and wide, with proceeds being donated primarily to the upkeep of our Church and to local charities.

Other celebrations have included a number of "Royal Events" (including Street Parties) since Victoria's Accession - the Society published a booklet in 2012 documenting that thread of our shared heritage. That publication coincided with wider national Royal Celebrations.