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Page updated on December 1, 2015

Latest additions to the archive

- Newspaper Cuttings from the past: The tragedy of Fanny Judges

- Update: Lynsted Lodge Mystery. Fliers land in Lynsted Lodge Park - official!

- World War 1 Project: records the first of 21 Teynham men lost up to the end of 1915

- New: Milton Workhouse Census Data for 1871, 1881, and 1891

Previous eNewsletter additions

- New: Lynsted Lodge Mystery updated - fliers in Lynsted Lodge Park
- New: Macey and Hudson Families and Stedlyn Farm.
- New: Windmills of Lynsted Parish
- New: The skull of Sir Thomas More (his daughter was Margeret Roper)
- New: Allan Fea - "Old English Houses" - extracts and pictures
- New: Forge Cottage and old Forge adjacent, Lynsted Street
- New: Ferrell and Baker family album and newspaper cuttings
- New: Directories
- Kellys 1882 Directory
- Kellys 1891 Directory
- New: Maps
- 1742 Map (detail) - showing Sittingbourne between Teynham and Norton
- 1767 Lathe of Scray - Map of the whole of Kent
- 1797 Detail of Greenstreet Hill, Cellar Hill and Lewson Street.
- 1801 First Ordnance Survey Map
- 1806 C.Smith Map (detail) from map of Southeast England
- 1940 Ordnance Survey Map.
- 1945 Ordnance Survey Map.

Other Library Sections

- Data (lists, tables, statistics)

- Image Collections

- Books, Pamphlets and Extracts

- Property related material

- Material from nearby places


eNewsletters Index

Our occasional electronic newsletters keep our Members and visitors up-to-date on events, new discoveries or other changes that emerge over time. This collection also acts as a useful informal tool for browsing the web-site.

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Index sub-Index Items
Archaeology Church: Pathway Finds
  Mediaeval "Lynsted Ring"
Building Histories Heritage Gateway - access multiple national resources on historic buildings and sites :: WWW
  Kent Historical Environment Reports (HER) - Kent Specific list of sites :: WWW
  Listed Buildings (see Kent HER)
Census Data: Census Home Page (Parish and Workhouses)
Claxfield Lane Sunderland Cottage ("Sundries") (11/04)
  Union Mill, Mill Lane/Claxfield Lane
Crime 16th & 17th Century Crimes in Lynsted (Peter Stuart) (02/05)
Directories Directories List
Events Event Reports (since 2003)
Family Histories Back, Stephen (Schoolmaster, 1861)
  Barling Family - Single Name Family researcher, Peter Lowe (12/10)
  Busbridge Family - Priest's Chair paid for by ancestral bequest in 1930s. (12/13)
  Eve, Rev. Henry - Fragments. Additions by Pat Blackford
  Filmer, G.A.: Auction Prospectus (04/09)
  Filmer Whitehead Family (see also The Grange, Greenstreet)
  Greenstreet Family (Account by Paul Greenstreet via Bernard Cork)
  Lethbridge, Eliza Lady: Background note and Newspaper discovery
  Macey Family - and links with Stedlyn Farm
  Vallance, (Thomas William) Aymer: "Son of Lynsted" by Dr Robert Baxter; and much more
  Wigg, Norman: Recollection of life in Lynsted (including World War 2 - Battle of Britain)
Greenstreet 1973 Images from Peter Salmon and corresponding images of 2010
  Cellar Hill Cottage - 1989 rethatching gallery (08/06)
  Church of St Stephen, Greenstreet Hill - not much known or recorded.
  Ferrell and Baker (newspaper article on closure) (06/05)
  Field Names researched by Ann Diamond (02/08)
  Grange, The: No.18 Greenstreet (see also Family: Filmer Whitebread) (12/06)
  Public Houses in Greenstreet (started by David Aggersberg lookin at The George.
Also The Rose Inn Mystery (03/11)
  Tudor Cottage, Cellar Hill (12/05)
Kingsdown Bonds Cottages, property documents from 1898 onwards
  Church: Medieval Church a Pugin replacement - Church of St.Catherine
  Church: Quinquennial Report of 1975
  Erriot Wood Gate, property documents from 1791 ("Ellett Wood Gate")
  Kingsdown Gunnery (Modern Archaeology - WW2 remains) - today a fireworks factory
Library Books: Ehrmann, Rev. L.E.A. - Twist of the Collar
  Books: Fire Reports, 1916 - 1937 (transcribed) (10/11)
  Books: Hasted's Survey (1778-1799) - Teynham Hundred (Lynsted/Greenstreet/Teynham/Doddington)
  Fragments: The Kentish Ballad by Thomas Deloney
  Programme: 1937 Coronation Committee Programme (02/10)
  "The Times": Transcriptions from 1824 to 1985. Will be superceded by more titles. (08/10)
Links Links Pages developed in first year of Society (01/03)
Lynsted Village 1923 Children's Christmas Party Photograph
  1968 Aerial View of the village
  Anchor House (by Aymer Vallance in 1942)
  Champion's Mill (now in the grounds of Berkeley House - from Conyer?)
  Church: Memorials and Plaques Research by David Wood
  Church: Hatchments (02/05)
Lynsted Church history Church: History update (12/04) - PDF Download
Lynsted Church history Church: North Chapel and family names (David Wood) (04/06)
  Church: Vicars and Patrons of Lynsted and Teynham (06/05)
  Church: War Damage Appeal in 1940
  Church: War Memorials - Roll of Honour for both world wars (02/08)
  Lynsted Court (or Sewards) (11/04)
  Lynsted Lodge Mystery (updated April 2015) - early fliers in our Parish
  School: 1888 Concert Poster (11/04)
  School: 1930s Photograph mystery
  Stedlyn Farm: Archaeological Reports
  Stedlyn Farm: Scrap Book of the Macey Family, greyhounds, and shop
  Stedlyn Farm: The extended story of the Macey Family businesses in Lynsted Parish
Maps 1701-22 Mileage Chart - places Faversham and Sittingbourne in the context of Kent
  1742 Map (detail) - showing Sittingbourne between Teynham and Norton .....
  1767 Lathe of Scray - Map of the whole of Kent - Sittingbourne and Faversham showing.
  1797 Detail of Greenstreet Hill, Cellar Hill and Lewson Street.
  1801 First Ordnance Survey Map
  1806 C.Smith Map (detail) from map of Southeast England
  1940 Ordnance Survey Map - including Sittingbourne, Milsted, Norton and Teynham Street.
  1945 Ordnance Survey Map - including Sittingbourne, Milsted and Teynham Street.
  1959 Ordnance Survey - showing the proposed route for the M2 Motorway
  1964 1" map - curiously, the Parish of Kingsdown is shown but not the village/hamlet
Marriage London Marriage Licenses
Newspapers Anarchy in the UK goes soft (01/05 - Sunday Times)
Mill Lane See Claxfield Lane: Claxfield Farm and Windmills
Natural World Bats (2004 & 2006)
  Birdbox Diary (02/05)
  Flood Risk Map for Teynham and Greenstreet (11/04) :: WWW
  Small Mammal Survey (08/06)
  Tide Predictions (UK Hydrographic Office) ::WWW
  Walks around Faversham ::WWW
Parish Council Parish Council Minute Book Transcriptions (1894 to 1932)
Projects Churchyard Monuments and Gravestones
PDF copy of First Five Year Report Five-Year Anniversary Report
  Flower Festivals - Galleries (1984 to 2004)
  Greenstreet Documentation (Lynsted and Teynham margins)
  Hedgelaying Project - Cambridge Lane
  Kingsdown, Lynsted and Norton Newsletter Transcription project (Began 12/11)
  Open Heritage Days (03/10)
  Royal Celebrations Book - Society Publication (11/12)
  Transcription Projects - Wills, Property, various. (03/11 onwards)
  WW1 War Memorial (working with the Imperial War Museum)
... also "News from the Home Front" - occasional newspaper reports and official reports.
Reference Resources See: "Library"
Visitor Questions if you know anything about these family requests for information, please let us know and we will bring it to the enquirer's attention - Contact Us
  "Brown, Francis" mother of Elizabeth Brown who married Christopher Roper
  "Busbridge, Frances Catherine". Bequest paid for Priest's Chair - Society enquiry
  "Collins Family" links to Lynsted Park (1696) - Adrian Webb enquiry
  "Couchman and Mannooch" Families request from America.
  "Divers" Family: Connected primarily with Erriot Wood, Kingsdown (and "The George, Greenstreet)
  "Goldsmith Family" George Goldsmith connection with "Laundress Farm". Wrong "Linsted"
  "Hartshorn" Family links with Colyers Farm Cottage
  "Jackson Family" - Doddington family but possible Lynsted and Lynsted School links.
  "Jessops" of Frinsted: Village Carriers Research
  "Judges" Family and "Judges" (the house). See also the Society discovery of a tragic death in 1914, Fanny Judges
  "Kingsdown Organ" - request for any information from Mr Clinch (05/11)
  "Leese" Family connections with "The Greys" in Erriot Wood
  "Millen" Family request for leads - especially on Rev. Charles Millen (09/12)
  "Pope" Family of Greenstreet/Cellar Hill.
  "Radfield" - the nearby hamlet with family links to Greenstreet, Lynsted and Teynham
  "Rayner" Family request from john E.Rayner (07/10)
  "Rees, Maria (nee Court)" - enquiry following her death. (12/11)
  "Tucker, Colonel John Goulston: 1800's resident of Lynsted and Doddington (12/10)
  "Tyler" Family connections with Lynsted Lodge.
  "Vallance, William David" - Sittingbourne and Lynsted links (10/10)
  "Wanstalls": Up until the middle of the 1900s, "Wanstalls" was a significant feature in the Greenstreet built environment - do you have photographs
  World War 2 location of US Army 24th Group (Lynsted Park, Sharsted Wood, or Doddington?) - do you know?
Web Site Development Addition of "search engine" (12/05)
  Link to Nature Videos Collections on BBC :: WWW