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Projects List

- Birdbox Calendar (no more development planned)

- Millennium Hedge-laying

- Churchyard Survey

- Royal Celebrations

- Greenstreet

- World War 1 Commemoration


Lynsted with Kingsdown Society was set up in 2003 to promote our Parish through speakers, visits, and social events and projects that reflect the interests of our Members.

  1. Birdbox Calendar. Several years collection of images and behaviours that led to a framework for understanding and illustrating the life-cycle of blue and great tits. Sadly the camera failed (and its operating frequency was no longer available following government changes to frequencies used by unlicensed devices). No further development is planned.
  2. Millennium Hedge-laying. An early and very "hands on" project that was led and funded by the Society was the "laying" of the Millennium Hedge in Cambridge Lane. Several Members and visitors joined in to learn the skills demonstrated to us and then joined us while we "layed" the hedge. Planting of that hedge was itself a local initiative promoted by the Parish Council with our village primary school children. The planting was mixed to reflect local shrubs, and trees.
  3. Churchyard Survey of Headstones and Monument. The project began with an expert demonstration and guidance. Spread over two years, this involved a hardy group who returned in all weathers to the churchyard surrounding Lynsted Church.
  4. Royal Celebrations in the Parish of Lynsted. The research and publication of findings was timed to coincide with national celebrations surrounding the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. A short introduction also sets the context for the parish during the various times of 'royal celebration'.
  5. Greenstreet. As part of the acquisition of material for our Parish and nearby, we are very gradually adding to a body of material that reflects the historic reality of "Greenstreet" as the largest and most economically active village that straddles the turnpike road, between old Teynham Street and Lynsted Village. It is only relatively recently that Teynham grew as a brick making centre, followed by the influence of the railway and decline of agriculture. These changes in 'centre of gravity' for our Communities have blurred the edges of this important historical community. Faversham Post Office was the principal force for change as they actively sought to remove the "Greenstreet" identity in the early 20th century. This change was supported by Teynham Parish Council but not Lynsted Parish Council - and was imposed against the wishes of its inhabitants at that time. Although first proposed before the First World War, the final administrative changes didn't take place until after the Armistice.
  6. Lynsted Commemoration of World War 1 Casualties. This is a major undertaking in which the Society is working in partnership with the Imperial War Museum to properly record short biographies for those in the Parish that lost their lives between 1914 and 1920 (when a line was drawn under casualties from the war). The project unfolded as the centenary of particular events and deaths occured up to 2018 when a full Roll-of-Honour Commemorative Book was published by the Society and a Monthly Commemmoration List laid in Lynsted Church.
    In addition
  1. Commemoration of World War 2 Casualties - Victory in Europe (8th May 1939). The Society is working in partnership with the Imperial War Museum - War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network. We have researched available material for those lost in the Creekside Cluster of 8 Parishes - military and civilian. Project leader and researcher - Lis Heriz-Smith.


If YOU have an idea for a Project in or about Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish please contact us in case the Committee can offer support for your project.