Teynham and Lynsted Fire Brigade Reports
1916 to 1937

96. Buckland Cottages - Rolls Royce Car

Teynham and Lynsted Brigade - Fire Reports
Date July 27/36  
Time of Call 5.20 PM  
Place Buckland Cottages  
Description of Premises Rolls Royce Motor Car XO.1612  
Owner Ray Croft        131 Trafalgar Road     Greenwich       SE  
Estimated Loss Total loss Insured in Bell Insurance Co. CV. 120066  
Insurance Building Insurance Office
  Contents Insurance Office
Estimated Value of Property at risk East Kent Road Car UF7856 Insured in Alliance 7549352  
Cause of Fire    
Water Supply    
How Called Phone  
Appliances and men Present    
How Extinguished. Number of lines of hose used, and C.    
Expenses incurred    
General remarks as to damage, and c.    
Date July 28/36  
Signed A E Ferris  
  Chief Officer  

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