Privacy Policy

Contact Information: Your personal contact information, provided as part of your membership, shall only be used by us for the Society's contact purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information held by us about you is kept up to date by informing us of any changes to your information.

Data: We will not use your data accept in accordance with the reason you provided it to us. We will not pass your personal data to third parties without your express permission.

Archives: When we receive material or information into the Society archives (e.g. family papers and photographs, artefacts, stories, recordings), we will ask your express permission to use that material in our publications and on the Society's web-site. We will respect any restrictions you apply to the use of that material, including only allowing us to hold physical copies for personal reference by the Committee and and Society Members.

We take no responsibility for, and cannot guarantee the accuracy, quality or integrity of any content submitted.

We do not have the ability to ensure that any information submitted does not infringe the copyright, or any other right, of third parties. If you feel that any information infringes any legal rights you may have, or you wish to complain about the content of any information we publish, you should immediately contact us with full details of your complaint.

All material on the website and its selection and arrangement belongs to The Lynsted with Kingsdown Society website. You may use material on this web site for personal non-commercial use. You may not exploit the Content commercially without our express permission.

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