Royal Events - a view from our Parish

The most complete record of local celebrations have been collected in a PDF booklet for free download. Our research was inspired by the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 6th June 2012.

The sub-group added some research, to help the reader understand what the conditions were like in our Parish at the time of each of our 'royal celebrations'.

The web version will be updated from time to time as new items are discovered.

  1. The Chequered History of the Jubilee Pump on Greenstreet Hill (1897 to 1898) - PDF
  2. Coronation Day, Wednesday, 12th May, 1937 at "Newlands" - organisation and fund raising
  3. Coronation Handmade Order of Service, 2nd June 1953 (from Rev Gordon Sherwood's effects) - PDF
  4. Lynsted Royal Fete Programme (2002) - PDF
  5. Lynsted with Kingsdown Society 2022 Royal Jubilee Commemorative display - 3rd June 2022

Additional Notes


The Society Committee wishes to acknowledge the generous contribution of photographs and other material used in this project, the transcribers, the author for bringing it all together, the proof-readers, alongside the countless more who have helped us identify people in the photographs used in the publication. This has been very much a collaborative effort.

In alphabetical order:

David Bage (In Memoriam, for the many Parish Newsletters he kept!) Marlene King
Pip Baron Alec & Pam Lewis
Kevin Barrett Lynsted Church
Jennifer Bones Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council
The Church of England (on-line resources) The National Newspaper Archive
Barbara Coulter Emlyn Morgan & Linda Morgan
Elaine Egalton Norton & Lynsted Primary School
Tom English Lillian Ongley & Ellen Olney
Mary Fielding Park Farm Community Orchard Group
Joyce Gates Residents of Cellar Hill
Maggie Goodwin Residents of Ludgate Lane
Greenstreet Methodist Church Ann Sefton
John & Sheila Hepburn Stella Sherwood
Nigel & Lis Heriz-Smith Stepping Stones Pre-School
Barbara Hodges Clare Stewart
Fiona Jones Teynham Parish Council
  Roy Woodward

Add to this list all the makers of cakes and refreshments at our various Society events in support of this Project and the many unsung heroes of the public celebrations in the Parish - they know who they are and we thank them all for their generosity.

Royal Events