View Index of Listed Buildings in Lynsted with Kingsdown and Greenstreet (north and south sides)

Anchor House - Remarkable half-timbered hall-house below the church

Aymers - Country House built in 1860s by the Vallance Family.

Berkeley House - Home to remains of Champion's Windmill. The Demolished Union Mill in Claxfield/Mill Lane is also discussed.

Claxfield Farmhouse - Wealden Hall House on Claxfield/Mill Lane (between Lynsted Village and London Road)

Claxfield House - see also Henneker Family account for familly connection.

Ferrell and Baker Garage, Greenstreet - Sadness as garage reign ends. Family photographs of the business.

Forge Cottage, The Street - for many years the home of David and Peggy Bage.

The Grange - 18th Century, Grade 2 listed on Greenstreet Hill, Lynsted Parish

Heathfield House - timber-framed 16th century house, Ludgate Lane, Lynsted Village

Jubilee Pump - 1897, chequered and hilarious history reviewed (PDF)

Kingsdown Church - Once the site of a Mediaeval Church, knocked down in favour of a Welby Pugin designed church.

Lynsted Church of Saints Peter and Paul - Home Page covering the fabric, memorials, bells, the clergy and gravestones survey. Also the Lynsted Medieaval Ring and Church Path Excavation Finds.

Lynsted Court or Sewards - Listed Building at the heart of Lynsted Village. Article written by Dr Robert Baxter.

Lynsted Lodge and Park (and the lost house of Bedmangore) - illustrations and listing narrative

Mount House (No. 8 London Road) - in a Conservation Area, permitted for development after Historic England rejected calls for "Listing".

Radfield House and Hamlet - Listed buildings, features and summary - also a booklet available through the Historic Research Group of Sittingbourne (HRGS).

Telephone Kiosk, The Street, Lynsted Village - Listed Grade II

Tudor Cottage, Cellar Hill - a fine example of a local hall house that has many clues to its previous occupants.

The Wanstalls - no longer standing. Reputed to be a barracks at one time. Thanks to Roy Woodward we have front and back views of The Wanstalls. We have added a Wanstall Family tree.

Public Houses of Greenstreet.

Public Houses Listed - past and present

The George Inn - an historically important and characterful property at the junction with Lynsted Lane.

The Rose Inn - a beerhouse once known as "The Royal Oak". In modern times, Rose Bakery, then Wicks Store and finally divided into two residences. Linked to WW1 civilian casualty - Alice Post (munitions worker lost through poisoning) and her brother in WW2, Edward George (an Inspector in the Hong Kong Police). We have transcribed the Deeds too - see below.

The Swan - Modern replacement of the original historic building.




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