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Our Society worked alongside the Imperial War Museum War and Conflict - Subject Specialist Network. We first published our research on-line on 8th May 2020 to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of "Victory in Europe" celebrations. Our planned public events fell victim to Covid-19 restrictions on public meetings.

Virtual Display Boards

Consequently, Lis Heriz-Smith's display boards and research are shared here for download.

We should very much welcome your family stories to include in the records covering WW2 in the Parishes of Lynsted with Kingsdown, Teynham, Newnham, Doddington, Wychling, Norton, Luddenham, Oare (these are the Parishes of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Kingsdown and Creekside). A fascinating website recording "scallywag bunkers", records the fact, if not the location, of Lynsted's own example.

Contact: email - or call 522842 (Lis Heriz-Smith).

The Society's Commemoration Project pages include:

  1. Details behind the Roll of Honour for all those lost from the Ecclesiastical Parish of Kingsdown and Creekside.
  2. The Monthly Roll of Honour for the Ecclesiastical Parish during both World Wars is displayed in Lynsted Church;
  3. Despatches transcribed relevant to our casualties;
  4. World War 2 Recipes leaflet (PDF) - cakes and buns were planned for our Open Day. When and whether there will be a future Open Day is under review subject to Covid-19.
    • The first recipe to share is deliciouscarrot bunscarrot buns Carrot Buns (PDF)carrot bunscarrot buns
  5. Research Projects by Lis Heriz-Smith.
    1. The 75th Anniversary of VE Day - newspaper extracts that describe the local community celebrations that took place in 1946 - balloonssee this PDF fileballoons
    2. We also produced a display item around the Victory in Japan Day - see this PDF file.
    3. We have added (November 2020) local accounts of the passing through Kent of the Unknown Warrior in November 1920 - see this PDF file.
    4. Victory Day in London - Victory Day in LondonSee this PDF FileVictory Day in London
      - The Official Programme for London Celebrations - Victory Day in LondonSee this PDF FileVictory Day in London
    5. Victory Day in Lynsted - Victory Day in LondonSee this PDF FileVictory Day in London
    6. Mystery photographs - your help, please. Fete or Victory Day?

IWM Resources

May 2020: Victory in Europe (VE75) Project

To understand the plans of the Imperial War Museum for the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe and more, follow this link. You will also see that recordings made by those who were there will come on stream on May 8th 2020... so visit us again.

VE Day celebrations Movie (6.34 minutes)

10th July -31st October 1940: Battle of Britain

Alan Geoffrey Page - Recollections - © IWM 11103 (non-commercial use only)

Operations as a pilot with 56 Sqdn, No 11 Group, Fighter Command, RAF in GB, 6/1940-8/1940 including Battle of Britain. These are lengthy interviews but definitely worth it for the insights they offer of the Battle of Britain and the experience of pilot officers.

  1. Oral History: #1: Early recollections of the RAF and war (28 minutes)
  2. Oral History: #2: The perceived threat of invasion; Kent as the main scene of activity with sorties into East Anglia and Sussex (30 minutes)
  3. Oral History: #3: From 1944 and D-Day (12 minutes)

Read the full biography of Alan Geoffrey Page here.

Video: Our Stories: The Battle of Britain by Roland Beamont

Imperial War Museum Animation: This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and through the War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network we are retelling extraordinary stories of the summer of 1940. In the first of four short animations we hear the vivid recollections of a British pilot, which have been brought to life by the creative teams at Squeaky Pedal and FRWLx. (2 minutes duration - turn speaker on turn sound on!)

World War 2 Pages

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