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Lynsted Churchyard Data Card
CARD Number
Inscription & Additional Information
Robert, Richard, Elizabeth and Sophia Cullen

In memory of
ROBERT. Son of
who died the 27th of July 1815
aged 2.....years.
SOPHIA their daughter
died the 25th of October 181.....
in the 22nd year of her life.
In bloom of years as you have see....
He left his friends to mourn for me ....
Grieve not dear friends for my decease
for Christ has made my peace.
In bloom of ........ my happy spirit led
near twenty when remembered with the dead.
Adieu, dear friends, short was my stay,
just look'd around and call'd away.

Limestone headstone with stepped, curved top and incised border

Context of the Cullen Group of Graves

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