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Teynham Pals and more ...

We have listed the names known to us of those men from Teynham and our other Parishes who served in Commonwealth units. Several lost their lives, but not all.

Henry SMITH (of Teynham)
b. 27th September 1890;
d. 26th September 1916.
Aged 25 years.
29th (Vancouver) Canadian Battalion - 2nd Canadian Division
Courcelette - Battle of The Somme
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Charles Huggett RICHES (of Teynham)
b Q3 1880;
d. 10th February 1917.
Aged 36 years.
1st Battalion, South African Infantry
Memorial: Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery
Not shown on the Teynham Memorial
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William Henry HODGE (of Teynham)
b. 15th November 1884
d. 10th April 1917.
Aged 32 years.
50th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment)
Memorial: Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez
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John Lovett SATTIN (of Lynsted)
b. 14th January 1885;
d. 13th April 1917.
Aged 32 years.
63rd Battalion, 7th Canadian Infantry (1st British Columbian Regiment)
Memorial: Canadian National Vimy Memorial
Vimy Ridge - 1st Battle of Arras
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Frederick George CHAMP (of Teynham)
b. 27th April, 1884
d. 6th August 1917.
Aged 34 years
"A" Company, 19th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment)
Memorial: Fosse No.10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains-En-Gohelle
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George Tappenden HILLS (of Newnham)
b. 26th May 1891
d. 6th November 1917.
Aged 26
"A" Company, 29th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Vancouver)
Memorial: Passchendaele New British Cemetery
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More will be added on the Centenaries of their deaths

Canadian Infantry Expeditionary Force
Remembered with Honour
Vimy Memorial

Local lads who returned from their lives overseas to join the European War

The "Teynham Pals" is short-hand for a sizeable group of young men who travelled early in the 1900's to Canada (in the main) where they hoped to find a new life. About 10 "Pals" returned home in Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF) to fight alongside other local lads. There were also casualties from the South African Infantry Battalion.

There are several anecdotal stories today about a group of local lads who emigrated to Canada to find a better life. Through the WW1 Project, we have found the names of ten (so far) young Teynham men who emigrated to Canada and who then returned in Canadian Regiments.

There were perhaps more than 14 lads in total from the Creekside Cluster who fought with the Canadians and may well have been well known each other. Compared with 120 from Sittingbourne and 108 from Faversham.

Teynham Pals
Family Name First Names Born (in order) Empire Died
Fairbrass William John (m. Ellen Mary) 25th April 1878 (attested: 28/2/16)    
Riches* Charles Huggett bapt. 23 June 1880 South Africa 10th February 1917
Black Edward 14th January 1882    
Champ Frederick George 27th April 1884 Canada 6th August 1917
Hodge William Henry 15th November 1884 Canada 10th April 1917
Beacon George 14th February 1887    
Boorman Charles Gabriel 9th April 1887    
Hales Henry Thomas 10th September 1887    
Thomas John (Jan?) Thomas 22nd February 1890    
Smith Henry 27th September 1890 (attested 3/11/15) Canada 26th September 1916
Ray Archibald 9th January 1891    

* Not recorded on the Teynham Memorial, but strong connections with Teynham

Other Creekside Casualties returned from overseas

Other Creekside Casualties who Returned to Fight
Parish Family Names First Names Born (in order) Empire Died
Newnham Hills George Tappenden 26th May 1891 Canada 6th November 1917
Doddington Sydney Thomas Davis 8th October 1892    
Lynsted Sattin John Lovett 14th January 1895 Canada 13th April 1917
Oare/Faversham Rogers Stephen 1898   3rd September 1917

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