Census Data - 1861 (7th April)


The General Register Office was responsible for taking the census, so it used the administrative framework already in place for the registration of births, marriages and deaths. The Superintendent Registrar was responsible for collecting the returns from each Registrar of Births and Deaths in their registration district, and sending them to the Census Office in London. Each Registrar of Births and Deaths was responsible for a sub-district, which they divided into enumeration districts (EDs), and recruited enumerators for each ED.

Enumerators' schedules of returns made by heads of households for the 1861 census, which include the names, age, sex, occupation and parish and county of birth of individual members of the population of England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Included in this series are returns from ships of the Royal Navy and merchant shipping at sea and in ports abroad, and from British ships in home ports. The series also includes descriptions of the proposed enumeration districts for London.

Year of Census   1861            
  Name   Relation to Head of Family Married Widowed Unmarried Age   Rank Profession or Occupation Birthplace
  Given Names Surname     M F    
129: Union Road                
  Robert Shilling Head Mar 56   Brick porter Kent Milton
  Charlotte Shilling Wife Mar   60   Kent Milton
  Sarah Hudson Daughter U   35   Kent Milton
  Robert S Hudson Grandson   16   Off-bearer Brickfield Kent Milton
  William Hudson Grandson   14   Pug Boy in Brickfield Kent Milton
  George E Hudson Grandson   11   Scholar Kent Milton
  Sarah A Hudson Granddaughter     9 Scholar Kent Milton
  Henry J Hudson Grandson   7   Scholar Kent Milton
  Frederick J Hudson Grandson   2     Kent Milton
130: Union Road                
Staff William Cobbald Head Mar 54   Governor of Union - Workhouse Norfolk Banham
  Lucy Cobbald Wife Mar   48 Mistress Essex Manningtree
  Martin H Cobbald Son   16   Carpenter Kent Milton
  Henry J Colyer Schoolmaster U 19   Schoolmaster Workhouse Kent Deringstone Barham
  Elizabeth E Barnard Schoolmistress U   36 Schoolmistress Kent Milton
  George Stedman Porter U 46   Porter Workhouse Kent Rolvenden
130: Milton Union Workhouse (Special Return)                
Inmates Rebecca Fentrill   U   16 Pauper Kent Milton
  Amelia Wickens   Mar   34 Pauper Kent Milton
  Charles Wickens     6   Pauper Kent Milton
  Elizabeth Marden   Mar   33 Pauper Kent Halstow Lower
  Mary A Vant       8 Pauper Kent Halstow Lower
  Sarah A Marden       6 Pauper Kent Milton
  James Grigsby   Wid 81   Pauper Kent Bredgar
  William Barker   Mar 71   Pauper Kent Kingsdown
  Frances Barker   Mar   71 Pauper Kent Halstow Lower
    Total of Males and Females Page 27 ...     13 11    
  George H Whitwell     11   Pauper Kent Borden
  Henry H Whitwell     9   Pauper Kent Borden
  Ann Sellen   U   33 Pauper Kent Brompton
  Mary A Sellen       4 Pauper Middlesex St. Georges
  William Bryant   U 49   Pauper Kent Borden
  Sarah Wildash   U   50 Pauper Kent Upchurch
  Matilda Cooke       11 Pauper Kent Greenwich
  Eliza Cooke       8 Pauper Kent Greenwich
  Emma Cooke       9 Pauper Kent Greenwich
  Georgiana Cooke       4 Pauper Kent Greenwich
  Ellen Earl   U   17 Pauper Kent Bredgar
  Thomas Taylor     67   Pauper Kent Milton
  Henry Clarke     14   Pauper Kent Hartlip
  Ann Clarke   U   17 Pauper Kent Hartlip
  Henry Whitehead   Wid 80   Pauper Kent Eynsford
  Charles Lockyer     6   Pauper Kent Iwade
  Phoebe Lockyer       3 Pauper Kent Milton
  Margaret Jenner   U   72 Pauper Kent Ramsgate
  Thomas Sutton   U 72   Pauper Kent Canterbury
  Elizabeth Chrisfield   U   64 Pauper Kent Milton
  William Horton     12   Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  Jane Page       12 Pauper Kent Milton
  Sarah Capleden   U   24 Pauper Kent Milton
  George Millway   Wid 76   Pauper Kent Milton
    Total of Males and Females Page 28 ...     10 14    
  Jane Eagle       9 Pauper Kent Canterbury
  Sarah Aldridge   Wid   46 Pauper Kent Chatham
  Isaac Aldridge     9   Pauper Kent Old Brompton
  Ester Aldridge       6 Pauper Kent Old Brompton
  Henry Heyton   U 21   Pauper Kent Milton
  Richard Fisher   U 74   Pauper Kent Murston
  John Tapp   Wid 83   Pauper Kent Newington
  James Anderson     11   Pauper Kent Newington
  John Anderson     10   Pauper Kent Newington
  Mary Taylor   U   83 Pauper Kent Gillingham
  Charles Trice     12   Pauper Kent Rainham
  William Mole     10   Pauper Kent Rainham
  Fredric Mole     7   Pauper Kent Rainham
  Stephen Nichols   Mar 41   Pauper Kent Rainham
  Jane Miles   U   21 Pauper Kent Rainham
  Robert Featherstone   U 20   Pauper Kent Hollingbourne
  William Thomas   U 21   Pauper Kent Rodmersham
  John Horton   Wid 64   Pauper Kent Rodmersham
  William Baker   Wid 69   Pauper Kent Adisham
  Frances A Anosings   U   58 Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  William Rose     10   Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  Emily Ruck   U   25 Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  Eliza Welby   U   46 Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
    Total of Males and Females Page 29 ...     15 8    
  Maria Pound   U   49 Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  William Higgins   Wid 83   Pauper Kent Kingsdown
  John Wood   U 27   Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  Robert Wood   U 33   Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  Elizabeth Hall   U   43 Pauper Kent Sheerness
  Richard Hall     11   Pauper Kent Milton
  George Phipps   Wid 87   Pauper Kent Milton
  Maria Ambrose   U   45 Pauper Kent Boxley
  Sampson Scamp   Wid 87   Pauper Kent Loose
  Hannah Hubbard       15 Pauper Kent Upchurch
  Thomas Hubbard     12   Pauper Surrey Camberwell
  Amelia Hubbard       10 Pauper Surrey Camberwell
  Caroline Hubbard       8 Pauper Surrey Camberwell
  Susan Hubbard       7 Pauper Surrey Camberwell
  James White   Wid 71   Pauper Kent Stone
  Henetta Scamp   U   87 Pauper Kent Dartford
  Emma Baker   U   21 Pauper Kent Milton
  Charlotte Benshaw       15 Pauper Kent Upchurch
  John Benshaw     11   Pauper Kent Milton
  Elizabeth Benshaw       8 Pauper Kent Milton
  Mary Ann Horton   U   69 Pauper Kent Sittingbourne
  Catherine Millener   Mar   90 Pauper Kent Milton
  Edwin Saxby     72   Pauper Kent Milton
  Hannah Cheel   Wid   50 Pauper Kent Baddlesmere
    Total of Males and Females Page 30 ...     10 14    
  Mary Ann Cheel       11 Pauper Kent Bredgar
  Henry Rickwood   Wid 61   Pauper Kent Dartford
  Esther Browning   U   19 Pauper Kent Broad Oak
  George W Browning     3 months   Pauper Kent Milton
  John Pelehurst   Mar 60   Pauper France B J
  William Box   Wid 64   Pauper Kent Milton
  Thomas Reeves   Wid 64   Pauper Nottingham Castle Gate
130a Union Road                
  Sarah Blaxland Head U   67 Day School Kent Milton
  Sarah A Moore Visitor U   15 Apprentice to Dressmaker Kent Milton
131 Union Road                
  James Williams Head Mar 51   Mariner Kent Gillingham
  Cecilia Williams Wife Mar   46   Kent Upchurch
  Thomas N Williams Son   16   Labourer Kent Milton
  John Williams Son   14   Labourer Kent Milton
  Harriett Williams Daughter     8 Scholar Kent Milton
132 Union Road                
  George Alchin Head Mar 33   Farm Servant Kent Milton
  Letitia Alchin Wife Mar   32   Kent Milton
  Laura Alchin Daughter     9 Scholar Kent Milton
  Fanny Alchin Daughter     8 Scholar Kent Milton
  Letitia Alchin Daughter     7 Scholar Kent Milton
  Alfred King Boarder U 18   Farm Servant Kent Newington
133 Gravel Pit Houses                
  William Wickens Head Mar 40   Labourer Kent Bobbing
  Elizabeth Wickens Wife Mar   35   Longford Middlesex
  William Wickens Son   11   Scholar Kent Milton
  John Wickens Son   9   Scholar Kent Milton
    Total of Males and Females Page 31 ...     13 11    


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