Census Data - 1871 (2nd April)


The General Register Office was responsible for taking the census, so it used the administrative framework already in place for the registration of births, marriages and deaths. The Superintendent Registrar was responsible for collecting the returns from each Registrar of Births and Deaths in their registration district, and sending them to the Census Office in London. Each Registrar of Births and Deaths was responsible for a sub-district, which they divided into enumeration districts (EDs), and recruited enumerators for each ED.

Enumerators' schedules of returns made by heads of households for the 1871 census, which include the names, age, sex, occupation and parish and county of birth of individual members of the population of England, Wales and the Channel Islands; included in this series are returns from ships of the Royal Navy at sea and in ports abroad.

  Name   Relation to Head of Family Married, Widowed, Unmarried Age   Rank, Profession or Occupation Birthplace  
  Given Names Surname     M F      
  Jane Gower Servant U   35 General Servant Kent Milton  
140 Union Road                  
  Jane North Denton Head Wid   51 Landowner in Canada Gildersome Yorkshire  
  Ann Datson Servant U   15 General Domestic Servant Kent Milton  
141 Union Road                  
  David Curtis Head Mar 50   Farm Labourer, Waggoner Kent Chislet  
  Sarah Curtis Wife Mar   50   Kent Hoat  
  David Curtis Son   12   Scholar Kent Canterbury  
  Alice Curtis Daughter     10 Scholar Kent Canterbury  
  George Wood Lodger U 16   Waggoner's mate Kent Wormshill  
142 Union Road "Union House"                  
Staff Job Harrison Master of Union Mar 53   Master of Milton Union Lanchashire Houghton  
  Sarah Harrison Wife Mar   41 Mistress of Milton Union Leicestershire Ashby  
  Grace Haskard Daughter U   20 School Mistress Milton Union Middlesex Hammersmith London  
  Frederick Bartlett Head Porter U 49   Porter Milton Union Surrey Southwark  
  Thomas Tolman Son U 53   Schoolmaster Milton Union Kent Harbledown  
  James Topham Head Wid 66   Farm Labourer Surrey Croydon  
  George Whitehead Son U 32   Farm Labourer Kent Gravesent  
  Henry Taylor Son U 46   Farm Labourer Sussex Brighton  
  James Burges Son U 25   Brickmaker Kent Maidstone  
  Charles Carter Son U 19   Labourer Kent Maidstone  
  George Pearson Son U 36   Farm Labourer Kent Staplehurst  
  George Rickets Son U 52   Farm Labourer Hampshire North Stoneham  
  Henry Brown Son U 54   Farm Labourer Hampshire Winchester  
    Total of Males and Females P30...     14 7      
142 "Union House" (Part of)                  
  Mary Read Wife Mar   79 Patient Kent Deal  
  Rebecca Fentrell Inmate Wid   56 Seamstress Kent Bapchild  
  John Maynard Head Mar 55   Labourer Kent Bapchild  
  Emma Haywood Daughter     10 Scholar Kent Bapchild  
  William Bryant Son U 69   Labourer Kent Borden  
  James Payne Head Mar 79   Labourer Kent Borden  
  Elizabeth Payne Wife Mar   74   Middlesex St. Georges London  
  Jane Leverick Daughter Mar   70 Formerly Servant Kent Borden  
  William Younge Son   13   Scholar Kent Bobbing  
  Georgina Cook Daughter     14 Scholar Kent Bredgar  
  Frances Tyhurst Daughter     16 Scholar Kent Borden  
  Mary Ann Tyhurst Daughter     14 Scholar Kent Milton  
  Thomas Watson Son   7   Scholar Kent Halstow  
  George Watson Son   6   Scholar Kent Halstow  
  Edward Croucher Son   14   Scholar Kent Hartlip  
  Stanley Croucher Son   12   Scholar Kent Hartlip  
  James Cristel   U 57     Kent Iwade Blind
  George Barkway Head Mar 69   Tanner Norfolk Brockdish  
  Elizabeth Barkway Wife Mar   59 Nurse Suffolk Beccles  
  Lydia Barkway Daughter U   22 Patient Suffolk Beccles  
  Harriett Barkway Daughter     13 Scholar Kent Teynham  
  Frederick Smith Son   12   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Sarah Junta Daughter     12 Scholar Kent Milton  
  Thomas Napper Son   13   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
    Total of Males and Females P31...     12 12      
  Harriett Thomas Daughter     10 Scholar Kent Milton  
  Elizabeth Eason Daughter U   47 Governess Kent Crayford  
  Mary Friday Daughter Wid   67 Servant Kent Borden  
  William Boy Head Mar 74   Fisherman Kent Milton  
  Mary Ann Nansley Wife Mar   35 Employed in brickfields Kent Sittingbourne  
  Mary Nedsham Wife Mar   50 Patient Kent Rodmersham  
  Henry Lucas Son   15   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Stephen George Son   14   Scholar Kent Bapchild  
  Elizabeth Hollis Wife Mar   30   Kent Bobbing  
  George Hollis Son   5   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Laura Holiis Daughter     4   Kent Milton  
  H. J Hollis Son   1     Kent Milton  
  Feorge Fagg Head Mar 64   Labourer Kent Milton  
  Jonathan Beeching Son   14     Kent Sittingbourne  
  Edward Foal Head Mar 68   Pensioner Ireland Market Hill  
  William Brooker Son   14     Middlesex London  
  Emma Daniells Wife Mar   34 Nurse Kent Canterbury  
  Thomas Dean Head Mar 40   Labourer Kent Rodmersham  
  Mary Dean Wife Mar   31 Servant Kent Doddington  
  Rosa Dean Daughter     11 Scholar Kent Doddington  
  Emma Dean Daughter     9 Scholar Kent Doddington  
  Mary Dean Daughter     7 Scholar Kent Doddington  
  James Dean Son   5     Kent Lynsted  
  George Dean Son   2     Kent Lynsted  
    Total of Males and Females P32...     12 12      
  William Crayden   U 68   Labourer Kent Iwade  
  Walter Baker Son   6   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Emeline Baker Daughter     2   Kent Milton  
  Stephen Pelwin Head Mar 61   Labourer Middlesex Kensington  
  John Merritt Head Mar 56   Labourer Kent Maidstone  
  Rachel Merritt Wife Mar   32   Kent Bredgar  
  John Merritt Son   10   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Ellen Merritt Daughter     6 Scholar Kent Tong  
  Thomas Brisley Head Mar 54   Labourer Kent Milton  
  Sarah Brisley Wife Mar   52 Domestic Servant Surrey Wandsworth  
  Elizabeth Chrisfield Daughter U   45 Domestic Servant Kent Milton  
  George White Son U 27   Labourer Kent Erith  
  William Bates Son U 58   Labourer Kent Teynham  
  Mary Ann Bows Mother     24 Servant Kent Kingsdown  
  Hannah Bows Daughter     4   Kent Milton  
  Mary Ann Bows Daughter     2   Kent Sittingbourne  
  Infant Ann Bows Daughter     2 months   Kent Milton  
  Thomas Hall Son Wid 35   Labourer Kent Shoreham  
  Richard Daniell Son   9   Scholar Hampshire Portsmouth  
  George Daniell Son   6   Scholar Hampshire Portsmouth  
  Thomas Rickwood Head U 38   Pensioner Kent Newington  
  Thomas Beacon Head U 60   Labourer Kent Teynham  
  Thomas Underhill Head Wid 68   Labourer Kent Sevenoaks  
  Thomas Reader Head Wid 78   Labourer Kent Upchurch  
    Total of Males and Females P33...     15 9      
  Thomas Palmer Head Wid 80   Labourer Kent Rainham  
  William Tadman Son   8   Scholar Kent Rainham  
  George Clark son   13   Scholar Kent Rainham  
  James Hart Wid Wid 63   Labourer Kent Newington  
  Ellen Spearman Mother Mar   25 Domestic Servant Kent Sittingbourne  
  Ellen E Spearman Daughter     8 Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Thomas Muggeridge Head Wid 76   Labourer Kent Rainham  
  James Callaway Son U 60   Labourer Kent Stockbury  
  Amelia Gran Daughter U   22 Domestic Servant Kent Upnor  
  George Dennis Son U 38   Labourer Kent Rainham  
  John Haton Son U 66   Labourer Kent Lynsted  
  William Hollis Son Wid 78   Labourer Kent Rodmersham  
  Frances Cummings Daughter U   68   Kent Sittingbourne Imbecile
  John Wood Son U 37   Labourer Kent Sittingbourne  
  Richard Brown Son U 45   Labourer British America, Canada  
  Elizabeth Green Daughter     12 Scholar Kent Chatham  
  Amy Penmail Daughter     16 Scholar Kent Maidstone  
  William Powell Son   11   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Mary Anderson Daughter     12 Scholar Unknown  
  Charles Hogben Son   11   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Annie Hogben Daughter     8 Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Robert Hogben Son   6   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Benjamin Tyler Son   46     Kent Sittingbourne  
  John Hogwood Son Wid 77   Postman Kent Sittingbourne  
    Total of Males and Females P34...     16 8      
  Hannah Brown Daughter U   17 Employed at brickmaking Kent Borden Imbecile
  Charles Love Son   11   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  William Beeching Son   11   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Mary Wells   U   76 Patient Kent Tunbridge Wells  
  Charles Ives Head Wid 69   Various Occupations Norolk Backeheath  
  Frances Palmer Wife Mar   22 Employed at brickmaking Kent Rochester  
  George Palmer Son   3     Kent Sittingbourne  
  Alfred Palmer Son   1     Kent Sittingbourne  
  Emily Dorrington Wife Mar   29 Servant Kent Frinsbury  
  George Dorrington Son   10   Scholar Essex Shoeburyness  
  Richard Dorrington Son   5   Scholar Essex Shoeburyness  
  John Dorrington Son   1     Essex Shoeburyness  
  Elizabeth Tyler Daughter     10 Scholar Kent Murston  
  Susan Pack Daughter U   20 Servant Kent Tong  
  Ann Brenchley Daughter     8 Scholar Kent Murston  
  George Brenchley Son   4     Kent Murston  
  Elizabeth Wells Daughter     10 Scholar Kent Maidstone  
  George Powell Son   14   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Joseph Wilson Son   66   Labourer Kent Barnet  
  Susan Fry Daughter U   23 Servant    
  Ann Streeten   U   20 Servant Kent Maidstone  
  Ann Pack Daughter     6 months   Kent Milton  
  George Croucher Son   12   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Sarah Croucher Daughter     10 Scholar Kent Milton  
    Total of Males and Females P35...     12 12      
  Horace Croucher Son   8   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Edward Croucher Son   6   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Robert Croucher Son   4     Kent Milton  
  Elizabeth Wyles Daughter     17 Servant Kent Teynham  
  John Spice Son U 67   Labourer Kent Tunstall  
  James Philipps Son Wid 64   Labourer Kent Sittingbourne  
  Edward Castle Son   7   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Stephen Muggeridge Son Wid 68   Labourer Kent Rainham  
  Selina Hoby Wife Mar   21 Domestic Servant Devon Devonport  
  William (infant) Hoby     1     Kent Chatham  
  Emma Long Wife Mar   40 Domestic Servant Kent Borden  
  Henrietta Long Daughter     15 Scholar Kent Borden  
  James Long Son   6     Kent Borden  
  Alfred Long Son   2     Kent Borden  
143 Gravel Pit Cottages                  
  George Hadlow Head Mar 40   Labourer Kent Herne Hill  
  Maryam Hadlow Wife Mar   25   Kent Bobbing  
  Alfred Hadlow Son   6     Kent Milton  
  Emily Hadlow Daughter     4   Kent Milton  
  Sarah Hadlow Daughter     2   Kent Milton  
144 Gravel Pit Cottages                  
  Robert Histed Head Mar 39   Brickmaker Kent Marden  
  Mary Ann Histed Wife Mar   31   Kent Milton  
  George Histed Son   10     Kent Milton  
    Total of Males and Females P36     14 8      




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