Census Data - 1881 (3rd April)


The General Register Office was responsible for taking the census, so it used the administrative framework already in place for the registration of births, marriages and deaths. The Superintendent Registrar was responsible for collecting the returns from each Registrar of Births and Deaths in their registration district, and sending them to the Census Office in London. Each Registrar of Births and Deaths was responsible for a sub-district, which they divided into enumeration districts (EDs), and recruited enumerators for each ED.

Enumerators' schedules of returns made by heads of households for the 1881 census, which include the names, age, sex, occupation and parish and county of birth of individual members of the population of England, Wales and the Channel Islands; included in this series are returns from ships of the Royal Navy at sea and in ports abroad.

  Name   Relation to Head of Family Married, Widowed, Unmarried Age   Rank, Profession or Occupation Birthplace  
  Given Names Surname     M F      
142/143 Milton Union workhouse                  
  Edward Croucher Head Porter U 24   Porter at Workhouse Kent Hartlip  
  John Woolfrey Schoolmaster U 49   Schoolmaster Sussex Bere Regis  
  Charlotte Hoadley Industrial Trainer Wid   35 Industrial Trainer Kent Isle of Sheppey  
  Henry Edmed Labour Master Wid 49   Shoemaker Trainer Kent Pauls Cray  
  Eliza Barkaway Nurse Wid   65 Nurse At Workhouse Suffolk Bracknell  
  Debora Fordham Nurse Mar   54 Nurse At Workhouse Kent Canterbury  
  Morris Cheeseman Baker U 38   Baker at Workhouse Kent Sittingbourne  
  John Hayward   Wid 65   General Labourer Kent Bapchild  
  Jane Miles   U   41   Kent Rainham  
  George Fisher   U 14   Scholar Kent Teynham  
  Alfred Fisher   U 13   Scholar Kent Teynham  
  James Fisher   U 8   Scholar Kent Bapchild  
  Edward Pepper   Wid 34   General Labourer Kent Bobbing  
  George Shaw   U 16   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  Edward Drake   Wid 68   Tailor Kent Rochester  
    Total of Males and Females P27...     11 4      
  Charles Bashford   U 11   Scholar Kent Milton  
  Robert Grasender   Wid 46   General Labourer Kent Borden Imbecile
  George Ghreithen   Wid 86   Carpenter Kent Bredgar  
  Charles Kemsley   U 58   Agricultural Labour Kent Hollingbourne  
  Thomas Ashley   Wid 80   Agricultural Labour Kent Bredgar  
  John Baker   U 70   Fisherman Kent Halstow  
  Thomas Bates   Wid 67   Brickfield Labourer Kent Herne  
  Charlotte Dean   Wid   47   Kent Isle of Sheppey  
  Charlotte Dean   U   5 Scholar Kent Isle of Sheppey  
  William Dean   U 4   Scholar Kent Isle of Sheppey  
  Elizabeth Dean   U   3   Kent Milton  
  Harriett Dean   U   7   Kent Halstow  
  James Randall   U 51   Farm Servant Kent Doddington Blind
  Lydia Barkaway   U   31   Suffolk Beccles  
  Elizabeth Carey   U   57 General Servant Kent Crayford Imbecile
  Mary Bansley   Mar   45   Kent Sittingbourne  
  Emma Daniels   Wid   47 Nurse Kent Canterbury  
  Thady Cunina   U 41   General Labourer Ireland Blind
  George Hollis   U 16   Scholar Kent Bobbing  
  Louisa Hollis   U   14 Scholar Kent Milton  
  Swains Marriott   Wid 77   Mariner Kent Milton  
  Sarah Hamilton   U   56   Kent Faversham Dumb
  William Coward   Wid 80   Mariner    
  Unknown Unknown   U 25 probably   Unknown Deaf/Dumb
    Total of Males and Females P28...     14 10      
  Mary Bansley   Wid   87 Tayloress Kent Milton  
  Mary Datson   U   13 Scholar Kent Milton  
  James Datson   U 7     Kent Milton  
  James Ellis   Wid 82   Fisherman Kent Milton  
  Lilly G Hudson   U   4 Scholar Kent Milton  
  George Selling   U 14   Scholar Kent Maidstone  
  Mary Friday   Wid   77   Kent Bredgar  
  William Bridgen   U 14   Scholar Middlesex London  
  Lydia Bridgen   U   8 Scholar Middlesex London  
  Richard Bridgen   U 12   Scholar Middlesex London  
  James Bridgen   U 9   Scholar Middlesex London  
  George Ford   U 61   General Labourer Sussex Matfield  
  Emma Smith   U   18   Kent Bapchild  
  James Bridgen   Wid 42   Brickfield Labourer Milddlesex Ealing  
  John Dorry   Wid 46   Shoemaker Ireland  
  Charles Payne   Mar 76   Brickfield Labourer Kent Borden  
  Emma Hayward   U   19 General Servant Kent Sittingbourne  
  Thomas Gregory   Mar 65   Shipwright Kent Rochester  
  Elizabeth Chrisfield   U   44 Laundress Kent Milton  
  James Milliner   Wid 66   General Labourer Kent Milton  
  Ann Jordan   Wid   66   Oxford Banbury  
  Cassendry Jordan   U   16   Kent Ealing  
  William Hope   U 34   Sailor Scotland  
  Martha Alsopp   Mar   28   Essex Grays  
    Total of Males and Females P29...     13 11      
  William Bally   U 60   Tailor Middlesex Hanworth  
  John Herbert   U 56   Printer Essex Wheeley  
  William Lenry   Wid 73   Brickfield Labourer Kent Halstow Lower  
  Mary A Baker   U   14 Scholar Kent Slade  
  William Cordell   U 87   Brickfield Labourer Middlesex Heston  
  James Chestham   Wid 71   Shipwright Kent Rochester  
  George Daniels   U 16   Scholar Hampshire Portsmouth  
  James Richmond   U 48   Pensioner Kent Newington  
  Thomas Underhill   Wid 78   Farm Labourer Kent Sevenoaks  
  Rachel Smith   U   73 General Servant Northampton Chockly B  
  Ellen Curtis   U   13 Scholar Kent Newington  
  Edward Curtis   U 9   Scholar Kent Newington  
  James Curtis     7   Scholar Kent Newington  
  Kate Curtis       11 Scholar Kent Newington  
  Walter Curtis     8   Scholar Kent Newington  
  Charles Curtis     4   Scholar Kent Newington  
  John J Anderson     5   Scholar Not Known  
  Walter Anderson     3   Scholar Not Known  
  William Howe   Wid 69   Agricultural Labourer Kent Lenham  
  Elizabeth Croucher   U   14 General Servant Kent Rainham  
  Sophia Croucher   U   11 Scholar Kent Rainham  
  James Mart   Wid 70   Brickfield Labourer Kent Newington  
  Henry Howland   Mar 79   Farm Bailiff Kent Ashford Imbecile
  John Jackson     15   Scholar Kent Strood  
    Total of Males and Females P30...     18 6      
  Sarah Sanndey   U   19 General Servant Kent Rainham  
  Cordelia Taylor   Wid   89 Ladies Maid Domestic Servant Kent Borden Deaf
  Mary Earl   U   73   Kent Sittingbourne  
  William Cork   Wid 79   Agricultural Labourer Kent Rodmersham  
  Samuel Fever   Wid 79   Agricultural Labourer Kent Kingsdown  
  John Wood   U 47   Agricultural Labourer Kent Sittingbourne Imbecile
  Edward Hollands   U 13   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  James Taylor   Mar 79   Agricultural Labourer Kent Bapchild  
  Sarah Mate   U   10 Scholar Kent Tong  
  Jane Wheeler   U   36 General Servant Kent Faversham  
  Emma Wheeler   U   6 Scholar Kent Milton  
  Hannah Wheeler   U   3   Kent Milton  
  Harriet Bray   Wid   75   Kent Maidstone  
  Mark Hollands   U 12   Scholar Kent Sittingbourne  
  John Young   Mar 70   Shoemaker Kent Sittingbourne  
  John Merrick   Mar 70   Agricultural Labourer Kent Maidstone  
  Ellen Merrick   U   15 Scholar Kent Tong  
  Robert Heston   Wid 81   General Labourer Kent Stockbury  
  Eliza Spillatt   Mar   42   Kent Sittingbourne  
  George Houghton   Wid 79   Brickfield Labourer Kent Ospringe  
  John Goodyer   Wid 79   Shoemaker Kent Milton  
  Thomas Skinner   Wid 81   Agricultural Labourer Kent Biddenden  
  John Fullager   Mar 79   Agricultural Labourer Kent Hartlip  
  Sarah Fullager   Mar   70 Washerwoman Kent Milton  
    Total of Males and Females P31...     13 11      
  Mary Watkins   Wid   58   Kent Canterbury Blind
  Elizabeth Deak   Wid   59 Shoe Binder Hertfordshire Bishops Stortford  
  William Rayner   Wid 67   Sawyer Kent Oare  
  William Williams   U 12   Scholar Kent Milton  
  William Murrell   U 77   Butcher Kent Murston  
  James W Holmes   U 13   Scholar Northampton Peterborough  
  Thomas Harvey   U 72   Brickfield Labourer Essex Colchester  
  George Biggs   U 71   Domestic Servant Kent Milton  
  Edward French   U 80   Agricultural Labourer Kent Cranbrook  
  John Foster   Wid 77   Brickfield Labourer Kent Sittingbourne  
  William Caress   U 65   General Labourer Kent Maidstone  
  Mary Folkesley   Mar   27   Malta British Subject  
  Elizabeth Folkesley   U   3   Kent Maidstone  
  George Brenchly   Wid 73   Brickfield Labourer Kent Sittingbourne  
  John Court   Wid 80   Agricultural Labourer Kent Borden  
  James French   Wid 45   General Labourer Kent Otterden  
  Sarah Bartlett   Wid 79   Brickfield Labourer Kent Petham  
  William Lee   Wid 77   General Labourer Kent Doddington Blind
  John Spice   Wid 75   Agricultural Labourer Kent Tunstall  
  Robert Saunders   Wid 43   General Labourer Kent Wiksfield  
  Samuel Knight   Wid 68   Agricultural Labourer Kent Upchurch  
  John Books   Wid 62   Brickfield Labourer Kent Upchurch  
  Jesse Triss   Mar 50   General Labourer Kent Upchurch  
  Thomas Ward   Wid 56   General Labourer Kent Upchurch  
    Total of Males and Females P32...     20 4      
  Valentine Taylor   U 18   Mariner Kent Sittingbourne  
  William Ford   Wid 77   Gardener Kent Milton  
  William White   Mar 59   General Labourer Sussex Shelsby  
  Frederick Brissenden   Mar 7     Kent Milton  
  Thomas Martin   Mar 68   Agricultural Labourer Kent Lewisham  
  Ann Martin   Mar   52   Wiltshire Salisbury  
  William Bowbell   U 30   Agricultural Labourer Egypt British Subject  
  William Jones   U 48   Shoemaker Gloucester Bristol  
  George Osborn   U 30   Bricklayers Labourer Ireland  
  Patrick Collins   U 38   Bricklayers Labourer Middlesex Edmonton  
  John Jackson   U 26   Upholsterer Yorkshire York  
  John Williams   U 60   Shoemaker Sussex Brighton  
  George Carter   U 62   Plasterer Middlesex Chelsea  
  John Simons   Mar 47   Agricultural Labourer Kent Woolwich  
  Harriett Simons   Mar   40   Kent Deptford  
  William Clark   U 32   Agricultural Labourer Sussex Hastings  
  Elizabeth Hill   U   36   Kent Greenwich  
  Ann Brockman   U   61   Surrey Lambeth  
    Total of Males and Females P33...     14 4      


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