1791 Universal Directory

Published 1st March 1790
Volume III - Page 112

The following entry which comes under the heading of FEVERSHAM makes reference to Lynsted, Greenstreet and Teyham and is reproduced in the old English style of writing where the letter "s" is written as "f"

Near is Tenham. Lambard fays, it is fo named from having originally but ten houfes. The church is large, with only one tower, but no fteeple. There are remains of good painted glafs in the windows. In this parifh, to the right of the road, is Linfted Lodge, the feat of Henry Roper, Lord Tenham. The firft cherries introduced into England are fuppofed to have been planted in this village, about 1520, by Richard Haynes, fruitier to King Henry VIII.

Thus Drayton

"Where Thames-ward to the fore, with fhoots upon the rife, Rich Tenham undertakes thy clofet to fufice with cherries; which we fay the fummer in doth bring, Wherewith Pomona crowns the plump and luftful fpring."

Nothing can be more pleafing, than travelling this road; where, on one fide the eye is charmed with the moft luxuriant views of nature's rich productions; and on the other, with the extenfive profpects of the fhips of the Nore; where the waters of the Thames and Medway are loft in the bofom of the fea.

Four miles from Feverfham is Green-ftreet, a hamlet, in which there is held a fair for cattle on 8th May. Here was the feat of the celebrated Apuldorfield, who, in the time of King Richard I, fo eminently diftinguifed himself in the holy war. His armour was hung in the church of Lenham in this county. About three quarters of a mile north – eaft from Green-ftreet is Cattle Grove, in which are some veftiges of an ancient fortification.

Near this on a pleasant eminence, is a manfion called Judd Houfe, built about the year 1652, by Daniel Judd, a committee-man, and one of the fequeftrators; here was a manfion long before; the moat that almoffurrounded is ftill continues. This feat is at prefent the refidence of James Flint, Esq. who holds the lefe from the Dean and Chapter of Rochefter.

Also recorded in the Directory

Lord Tenham created 1616 lived in Clarges Street London and had his country seat at Linstead Lodge Kent

Sir Edward Kaychbul [sic. Knatchbull] was an MP for Kent, no London residence is listed and his country residence was recorded as Maftham Hatch Kent

From the Ancient Funeral Monuments published 1631 page 277


The firft thing remarkable that the Sexton of this church will fhew you, is, the Armes of one APULDORFIELD, which he wonne by his valiant fervice againft the Turkes and Sarrafins, in the holy Land, tempore R. I. his chief feat was at Linfted

........ Page 278

Glouer Samerfet Herald Thomas de Apuldorfield Armig. Per cartam faum datam 23.Ed.3de-dit Willelmo de Linfted dinerfas verras & tenementa in Doddington et Linfted
Valentine Barret and Sicilit his wife Will. MariesHie (or Hic) iacet Valentine Barret Ar. Qui obije Nouemb. 10 1440 et Cecila vxor eius que obije 2 Marcif 1440 quorum animabus.

Hie (or Hic) iacet Galielmus Maries honorandus Armiger Hen. 5 deinde Armiger reuerendi in Chifto Patris, ac Domini D. Hen. Cardinal. Qui obit vltime die Agu. Ann. 1459

Hie (or Hic) iacet Richardus Horne, filine Johannis Horne, nuper de eaft Lenham Armig … ob … Regis. Hen. 6
Cornucins exaltabitur


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