Melville Directory 1858

transcription by N Heriz-Smith

Covering Lynsted with Kingsdown (& Milsted) and some nearby villages - TeynhamLuddenham/Buckland/StoneOareNewnhamDoddingtonNorton - Listing Gentry and Traders

LINSTEAD or LYNSTEAD is a large village three miles S.E. of Sittingbourne, and five miles west of Faversham. In 1851 the population was 1,806. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Archdeacon of Canterbury; the Rev. John Hamilton, M.A., Vicar. Green Street, one mile and a half north; Scuttington or Scuddington is half a mile west; Wood Street, half a mile north; Bogle, half a mile N.E.; Dedman or Dadman is three quarters of a mile south.
POST-OFFICE – William Henry Fairbeard, Post-Master. The nearest Money Order Office is at Sittingbourne.

Church, Mr. James, Green Street
Fairman, Samuel Creed, Esq., Millers House
Hamilton, Rev. John, M.A.
Leese, Mr. Edward
Tyler, Colonel C.H., Linsted Lodge
Rees, Rev. – M.A., Greenstreet

Back, Stephen, Parish Clerk, Street
Baker, H., grocer, &c., Street
Barling, G.N., and Philip, farmers, Nowdes
Blaxland, Edward, farmer, Dedman
Boorman, Thomas, butcher, Green Street
Busbridge, Mrs. Jane, smith and farrier
Champion, William H., miller, Steam Mill
Church, James, surgeon, Green Street
Eley, Thomas, farmer, Ten Acre
Elvy, Thomas, Fox and hounds
Fairbeard, William H., Dover Castle, and posting house, Post-office Receiver, Green Street
Fairbeard, William H., and Julius, florists, nurserymen, and seedsmen, Green Street
George, Frederick, tailor, Green Street
Homer, Mrs., Swan Inn
Honey, Robert, coal merchant and carman
Kemp, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Green Street
Kemp, William, saddle and harness maker, Green Street
Killick, John, grocer, &c., china and earthenware dealer, Green Street
Kimmins, Mrs. Elizabeth, baker, Green Street
King, Thomas, carman, Green Street
Lake, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer, Wood Street
Mannoch, John, builder, Green Street
Matthews, Thomas, farmer
Maytum, Henry (George), and bricklayer, Green Street
Moss, Edward, horse dealer, Little Noakes
Murton, Charles, farmer, Cambridge
Parham, John, boot and shoe maker, Bogle
Ray, Edward, surgeon, Greenshal
Silver, Henry, smith and farrier, Green Street
Smith, John, grocer and wheelwright
Strouts, John, farmer
Vallance, William Charles, builder, Green Street
Vallance, William, fruiterer, Bogle
Wanstall, Thomas, farmer, Green Street
Watts, James, tin-plate worker, Green Street
Wilkins, William, butcher, Green Street
Wood, George Robert, Black Lion, Street

KINGSDOWN is a village four miles S.E. of Sittingbourne, and seven miles S.W. of Faversham. The population in 1851 was 211. It has a small church, the Rev. H.J. Hordern, is the incumbent. Dungate is half a mile N.W.; Hole Street is another place in the parish.
Letters received through Sittingbourne, which is also the nearest Money Order Office.

Champion, William, farmer
Elvy, Mrs., Fox hunters
Pack, Edward, grocer, &c.
Smith, James, farmer
Stevens, Samuel, maltster
Stevens, John, senior, maltster
Strouts, Felix, farmer, Kingsdown Court
Strouts, John, farmer, Hole Street

MILLSTEAD, or MILSTED, is a village, three miles and a half from Sittingbourne. The population in 1851 was 211. The church is dedicated to St. Mary, and is a handsome building. The living is a rectory; the Rev. Henry Hilton, M.A., is the incumbent. Rawling Street is one mile N.E.; Hollybury, Higham, Hogshore, and Torry Hill, one mile and a half S.E.; Braddock, or Broadoak Fostal, one mile north.
POST-OFFICE – William Caryer, Receiver. Millstead Street letters received through Sittingbourne, which is also the nearest Money Order Office.

Hilton, Rev. Henry, M.A., Rectory
Tylden, Sir John M., Bart., Manor House

Caryer, Henry, carpenter
Caryer, William, grocer and post-office, Millstead Street
Cooper, Richard, farmer, Great Higham
Craydon, Thomas, parish clerk
Martin, William, Red Lion, Rawling Street
Lake, Charles, junior, farmer, Little Higham and Hogshore
Peek, John, boot and shoemaker
Reason, Thomas, farmer, Broadoak Fostal
Smead, George, farmer
Storr, John, butcher

TEYNHAM or TENHAM, is a town three miles east of Sittingbourne, and west of Faversham. The population in 1851 was 842. Here is a parish church which is a handsome structure. The living is a vicarage. On the Creek is Conyers Quay; Great and Little Frognal and Barrow Green are one mile S.W.
Letters received through Sittingbourne, which is also the nearest Money Order Office.

Beacon, William, Ship's Endeavour
Blaxland, John, farmer, Court Lodge Farm
Bourne, John, farmer, Osiers Farm
Cheesman, Richard, tailor
Cullen, Edward, plumber and painter
Dence, Lewis, grocer
Duncan, Lewis, grocer
Fairbeard, William and Julius, nurserymen
Flood, John, builder and bricklayer
Flood, James Thomas., registrar of births, deaths &c.
George, Stephen, carpenter and builder
Gillaspy, John, baker
Gillaspy, John, bootmaker and ironmonger
Hunt, Stephen, carpenter and builder
Knowler, Henry, farrier
Lake, James, farmer
Laker, Edward John, Parish Clerk
Nicholls, Edward, blacksmith
Nowers, William, chemist, and agent to the Hope Mutual Life Office
Payn, James, grocer and draper
Read, John, grocer and draper
Roper, William, farmer
Sidders, John Henry and Alfred, millers
Smeed, James, corn dealer
Terry, William, coach builder and wheelwright

LUDDENHAM, with BUCKLAND and STONE. – They all lie north of Watling Street, in Faversham union and hundred, lathe of Scray. The population in 1851 was 338. Luddenham is two miles N.W. of Faversham. The church is dedicated to St.Mary; the living is a rectory, in the patronage of the Lord Chancellor; curate, Rev. Hugh Stowell, B.A. Elverton is half a mile S.W.; Newland is one mile and a half S.W.; Upper and Lower lees are three quarters of a mile north.
Letters received through Faversham, which is also the nearest Money Order Office.

Carter, William, farmer, Moor
Cheeseman, S., bailiff to Mr. Hilton, Nashes
Collard, Mrs. Sarah, farmer, Elverton
Collins, John, farmer, Upless
Garren, Walter, bailiff to Mr. Carter, Luddenham Court
Gillow, Thomas, farmer, Buckland
Inge, Frederick, miller, Oare Mill
Madams, Thomas, Shipwright's Arms, and barge builder
Murton, Henry, farmer
Rayner, Edward, parish clerk
Rayner, Miss Ann, Free School Mistress
Reed, James, bailiff to Mr. Ambrook, Oxen Beadles
Stimpson, W., bailiff to Mr Waller, Lower Lees


Baker, John, bricklayer
Crust, John, bailiff to Mr. Fairman, Pheasant
Gurney, John, coast-guard, Station, Oare Stray
Payne, John, coal merchant
Phillips, William, coast-guard, Station
Ray, James, Three Mariners
Redman, George & Isaac, oyster merchants
Stroud, Henry, wheelwright
Taylor, James, parish clerk
White, Thomas, shopkeeper

NEWNHAM is a village five miles S.W. of Faversham, in Faversham union, lathe of Scray, East Kent. The population in 1851 was 431. The church of St. Peter and St. Paul is very ancient. The living is a rectory in the gift of Miss Hill. The Rev. J.H. Bower, rector. Here is a small Independent chapel. Sheersted is half a mile north; Sheppington, one mile and a half north; Homestall, one mile north; Sheland, Champion Court, and Faith are farms.
POST-OFFICE – Stanley Bates, Post-master. The nearest Money Order Office is at Faversham.

Bower, Rev. J.H., Rector
Horden, Rev., - Kingsdown

Bates, Stanley, post-office, grocer, &c.
Elvy, Mrs. Sarah, seminary
Elvy, Thomas Baker, farmer, Champion Court
Filmer, Thomas, farmer, parsonage
Fright, William, parish clerk
Hooker, George, tailor
Hope, Thomas, baker
Jackson, John, senior, grocer
Jackson, John, junior, butcher
Jackson, James, farmer
King, William, carpenter
Monk, Thomas, farmer, butcher, Sheland
Moore, Thomas, smith and farrier
Norrington, Henry, wheelwright
Packham, William, George Inn
Payne, john, carpenter
Pettman, John, smith and farrier
Read, Thomas, farmer, Frith
Saxby, Charles, baker
Selling, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Taylor, Henry, miller
Wiseman, George, boot and shoe maker

DODDINGTON is a village six miles south of Sittingbourne, six S.W. of Faversham, and eight N.W. from Chilham station in Faversham union, lathe of Scray, East Kent. The church of St. John is an old building. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Archeacon of Canterbury. The Rev.J. Horden is the vicar. The population in 1851 was 489. Down Court is half a mile N.W.; Higham, one mile N.W.; Seeds Pond, three quarters of a mile S.E.; Little Sharsted, one mile and a half north.
POST-OFFICE – Henry Jarvis, Receiver. The nearest Money Order Offices are at Sittingbourne and Faversham.

Hordern, Rev. James, Vicar
Faunce, Captain Robert, Great Sharsted
Muddle, Mr. John, Saltmarsh

Acress, Charles, bailiff
Benstead, John, smith and farrier
Bing, Thomas, farmer, Church hill
Brenchley, William, farmer, Gritt farm
Clifford, William, farmer, Court Lodge
Foster, George, parish clerk
Griggs, Richard, academy
Hambrook, Thomas, farmer
Hammond, Charles, grocer
Jarvis, henry, post master, grocer, and draper
Johnson, Goble, high constable of the lower half hundred of Teynham, and gardener
Lewis, Charles, boot and shoe maker
Mexted, Thomas, bricklayer
Monk, Thomas, butcher
Norrington, Henry, farmer, Lenham hill
Pain, Henry, boot and shoe maker
Palmer, John Henry, Chequers
Parker, Henry, harness maker
Sellen, Richard, Baker

NORTON is a village three miles and a half west of Faversham, in the Faversham hundred and union, and lathe of Scray, East Kent. The church is dedicated to St.Mary. The living is a rectory in the gift of the Bishop of Rochester. The Rev. James Hawley, M.A., rector. The population in 1851 was 99. Luson street is a quarter of a mile north; Goldfinch, quarter of a mile N.W.; Claxfield, half a mile N.W.; Newhouse, half a mile west; Lorditton, one mile S.W.; Rushet one mile S.E.; Provender, three quarters of a mile east; Beacon Hill, one mile east.
Letters through Sittingbourne. The nearest Money Order Office is at Faversham.

Lushington, Right hon. Stephen Rumbold, Norton Court
Neame, John R., Esq., Rushet

Hammond, Mrs.Mary, farmer
Leese, John, farmer, Smiddington
Monk, Thomas, cattle dealer, Norton Ash
Reed, Henry, farmer, Rushet
Smith, Thomas, bailiff to Mr. James Lake
Strouts, John, farmer
Wilks, Frederick, farmer, Provender

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