Milton-next-Sittingbourne Union (&C.) Directory - 1903-1904

Greenstreet (South Side and North Side) - Kingsdown - Lynsted - Erriotwood - Nouds - Tickham (and Teynham Gazette Entry)

GREENSTREET - South side, Lynsted Parish

London Photographic COmpany _Ferris(Here is road leading to Lucerne-st.)

Oast House, Newland's Farm

(Here is Nowd's Lane.)

The Walnuts – Lees, William

(Here comes Cellar Hill)

Johnston, Richard
Peene, James, general smith
Ray, George, florist
Payne, John
Mount House –
Lillee, Alfred
Alfred House – Skeets, Mrs
Harvey, Thomas
Sattin, John
The Grange – Filmer, G.A., farmer and butcher
Dover Castle Inn – Curry, Harry W.
Shepherd, George, confectioner
Elvey, Edward
Cheeseman, William, bootmaker
Smeed –
Peatfield, Mrs
Reeves, Frank, bootmaker
Perkins, Mrs. M., confectioner
Watts, James, plumber, etc

1 Drury, James
2 Homewood, Thomas
3 Thomas, Mrs. M., laundress
Wilkins, Ernest Walter, butcher
Wilkins, Mrs., William
Back, Henry
Hubbard –
Kemsley, William
Court, Fred, tailor
Barker, William, grocer
Read, Mrs., confectioner
Bashford Edward, coachbuilder, smith, etc
Austin, F., stationery and fancy
Carrier, William
French, James, farmer and butcher
Carrier, Mrs,

(Here comes Lynsted Lane)

George Inn – Broad, William Henry
George Livery Stables – Broad, Edward, jobmaster, furniture remover, etc.
Benton, J. S. Watchmaker and jeweller
Dawes and Son, bakers and confectioners
Swan Inn – Hooker, Joseph
Swan Livery Stables – Trigg, Arthur W., carrier to let on hire, furniture removed from and to all parts, agent to the S.E. & C. Railway
Filmer, George A., butcher and farmer
Cooperative Society, Furnishing Store
Carriage Works – Bashford, Edward, coachbuilder, wheelwright, and smith; carriages oiled by the year; estimates free
Hadlow, Charles, confectioner
Luckhurst, Lewis
Everard, Thomas, market gardener
Emptage, ---, Kent County Constable
Gambell, James, Lynsted dairy
Trigg, Walter, bootmaker and chimney sweep
Trigg, Walter

1 Little, Edward
2 Godfrey, Alfred
3 Jeffrey, William
Henneker, James
Kemp, W. E., saddler
Ivy Cottage – Snashall, Richard
Prest, Mrs
The Hollies – McCarthy, Dr. J. T., surgeon
1 Tumber, Charles
2 Tumber, Alfred
3 Sayers, Mrs
4 Ridley, George
5 Jeffery, George William
Matilda Cottage – Cheeseman, ---
Marlow, ---
Hopkins, Mrs.,
Belson, Henry
Attaway, Mrs., laundress
"Salvation Army" Hall
Everard, George, market gardener
Aldrick, George
French, James, Butcher
Chemist and Gibbens Herbal Cold CureRead, ---

1 Brown, John
2 Webb, John
3 Gosling, Mrs.
4 Spillett, Henry, Prudential Assurance agent
5 Nicholls, Alfred
6 Hollands, Mrs.
7 Nicholls, Mrs.
8 Brown, James
9 (Rose Cottage), Austen, Harry
10 Kingsnorth, Edward
Jarvis, Miss
1 Bird, John
2 Read, John Henry
1 Carpenter, Henry
2 Eason, William
Burton, Charles
Hone, William
Jarvis, Stephen
Beer, William
Neaves, C.L.
1 Baker, James
2 Maybourne, Mrs
3 Hopper, James
4 Dennis, Mrs
1 Rayner, Mrs. A.L.
2 Neaves, Thomas
3 Wood, Charles
4 Diprose, Mrs. E.
5 Neaves, James
6 Wraight, John
Bunting, Edward
Dive, Walter

(Continuation is Bapchild)

GREENSTREET - North side, Lynsted Parish

1 Kemp, Stephen
2 Fentiman, Mrs. S.
3 Gooding, John
4 Higgins, William
5 Leeds, Henry
7 Collins, Mrs.
8 Smith, John
9 Chapman, T.
10 Baker, Mrs.
WHITEHALL – Brown, Mrs. A.

Greenstreet ChemistsTHE HILL, GREENSTREET

1 Lee, Thomas
2 Lever, George
Brusson Cottage – Mount, W.R.
Brusson – Selby, Dr. P.
S. Andrew's Mission Church
Button, James
Wildish, Charles
Akhurst, Mrs. A.
Mayburn, Edward
Zumber, William Robert
Thomas, James
Hall, Mrs. M.
Catt, Mrs.
Bartholomew, Benjamin
Sattin, George
Smith, James
Rickwood, George
Conger –
Ashdown, Harry
Higgins, James
Hall, T.G. chimney sweep
Sutton, George
Kemp, William
1 Packman, J., Kent County Constabulary
2 Friday, Charles
3 Broadbridge, W.
Mount Pleasant Nursery – Messrs. Ray and Co.
Trigg, William, coachbuilder
Rye, W., cyclemaker

(here comes Station Road)

Teynham Arms – Hollands
Ford, Robert
Burnett, Henry
Post, John R., hairdresser and perfumer
Tyrell, Mrs. C.
Smith, Thomas
Kite, Mrs. M.
Rose Inn – Rayner, Edward
Vine House – Pattison, H. W.
Pattison, Mrs Tobacconist
Boakes, William
Aylward, Albert
Hills, C., hairdresser
Post Office – Read, J. W., grocer and sub-postmaster
Coldwell and Company, family and dispensing chemists; agents for Schweppe's table waters; Biggs and Cooper's sheep dips; Pettifer's herbal lamb tonic; and Gibben's herbal cold cure. Noted house for the best brands of cigars, cigarettes, and tobacco.
Atkins, W., outfitter, draper, house furnisher, etc.; agent for the sale of this Directory
Co-operative Society, Ltd., Registered office and stores
Moore, George
Trigg, Mrs. E.
Gambell, James, baker and dairyman
George, S. Builder
Cheeseman, W., blacksmith
Carrier, James, watchmaker
Gilbers, A.
Bennett,A. W.
Hunt, William and Co., grocers, drapers, etc
Wesleyan Chapel
Jarrett, B., corn, coal, and coke merchant
Baldock, George
Miles, William
Brown, George
Builder's yard – Wildish, John
Hancock –
Hickmott, Tom
Wildish, John, builder
Wildish, Frederick
Bray, A.
Elizabeth Cottage – Cheeseman, D.
Cheeseman, J. M.
Parkin, G.
Rowe, J. W.
Granton –
Brown, Mrs. S.
Ashdown, G.
Barney, William
Hatton, Mrs.
Woodfine, Thomas
Brigland, Thomas
Streetfield, Edward
Fox Inn – Town, Mrs.


Kingsdown is a Rectory in the gift of Sir E. Leigh Pemberton, K.C.B. It is a very small parish, situate about four miles sough by east from Sittingbourne Station and seven from Faversham. The Right Hon. Thomas Leigh Pemberton, P.C., Q.C., first Baron Kingsdown, took his title from this place, August 28th, 1858. He dying unmarried October 7th, 1867, the title became extinct. The soil is fertile, with clay subsoil. Fruit, hops and wheat, are the principal products. Population, 1891, 77; 1901, 73. Area, 695. Rateable value, £714. The Church, dedicated to S. Catherine, is of Kentish rag, with bath stone dressings, in the Early English style, E. W. Pugin supplying the designs. The expense was met by the late Lord Kingsdown. It has seating accommodation for 100 persons. Registers date from 1560. Vicar: Rev. Houstonne James Hordern, M.A.; Parish Clerk: William Kennard; Services: Sunday, 11 and 3. Guardian: William John Jarrett. Overseers: William Farmer and Richard Cooper. Assistant Overseer: William T. Jackson; Registrar Births and Deaths: William T. Jackson, Sittingbourne. Postal arrangements, see Sittingbourne.

Clark, Frederick John
Day, Henry
(Bonds Cottage), Russell, William
Wall letter box
(Kingsdown House), Wilkinson, The Hon. Mrs. Louisa
(Hole Street Farm) Farmer, W. R.
Parish Church

(The Rectory), Hordern, Ref. H. J., rector
Smith, Alfred
Kemsley, John
Near Blue Town are –
Trice, W.
Maxted, A.
Lucas, Alfred
Gilbert, Edward


Lynsted is a Vicarage in the gift of the Archdeacon of Canterbury. The Parish lies southward of the London Road at the 43rd milestone at Greenstreet, the south side of which is within the bounds of it. The ground rises towards the south of the parish. The Village is near the centre, in the middle of which is the Church. Lynsted Lodge, with the Park, is situated at the south-east extremity of the Parish. In 1781 it was related that Lord Teynham grew such quantities of grapes at Lynsted Lodge that in some years they made there "two or three tons of white wine, little, if any, inferior to Lisbon." Population, 1891, 1157; 1871, 1165; 1901, 1215.
The Church, which stands on the south side of the village, 5½ miles south-west from Faversham Market Place, is dedicated to S.S. Peter and Paul, and consists of 3 chancels and 3 aisles. The steeple, which is a spired shaft covered in shingle, stands t the north-west corner, and has 5 bells. The Church contains some fine monuments.
Vicar: Rev. T.J. Sewell, M.A. Churchwardens: G.A.Filmer and G.A.H.Smith. Sidesmen: C. R. Busbridge and B.R. Dixon.
Services: Sunday, 11 and 6.30; Children's Service, 3.p.m. Sunday School, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Holy Communion, 1st Sunday in month, 11 a.m.; 3rd Sunday, 7.15 a.m.; and other Sundays at 8 a.m.; on Holy Days as announced in Church on previous Sunday. Week Days: Morning Prayer, 8.15 a.m.; Evening Prayer, 2.15 p.m.
Guardian: W. Roper Dixon. Overseers: Thomas Back and G. A. H. Smith. Assistant Overseer: R. S. Dunn. Registrar Births, Deaths, and Marriages, S. George, junr., Greenstreet, Monday and Saturday, 10 to 1. Queen's Tax Collector, S. George, junr., Greenstreet.
Parish Council: Rev. T. P. Sewell, M.a. (chairman), W. White Lefevre, G. Smith, and G. Wraight. Board School: T. L. Ackerman, headmaster; Mrs. Ackerman, head mistress.
Postal Arrangements: see Sittingbourne.
Agents for the sale of this Directory: A. E. Parris, Station Road, Teynham: W. Atkins, Greenstreet; and Miss Busbridge, Post Office, Lynsted.

GREENSTREET - (See Special Heading)

KINGSDOWN ROAD - Continuation of Lynsted Street to Kingsdown

(Aymers), Vallance, Mrs.
(Aymers Lodge), White, William
(Lynsted Lodge), Teynham, Right Hon. Lord, J.P.
(Park Dairy), Champion, Osmond G.
Judges, E.
(Dadmans), Barnes, Frederick Gorel
(Yew Tree Cottage), Spice, Stephen
Rayner, Joseph
Stone, William Henry
Marlow, Thomas
Boots, Thomas
Maskell, Sidney
Dinnage, James
Rogers, Thomas
(Holly Tree Cottage), Smith, Charles
(St. Christopher), Sherlock, Charles
(The Greys), Court, Valentine
(Greys Cottage), Jeanes, George
Smith, F.


Fox Hunter Inn, Packmann, Robert M.
Rye, Edward, builder
Smith, Mrs. Charlotte
Champion, Ernest
Smith, Henry

(Here comes Kingsdown)

LUDGATE ROAD - From Lynsted Church to Kingsdown
On right from Church
Gamble, Stephen
Stanton –
Seager, Edward
Rogers, Albert John
Rayner, George
Miller, Thomas
(Jasamine House) Boise, Miss C.
Ludgate Farm – Coe, John
Gamble, David
(Whitehall), Smeed, David

On left from Church –

Edmed, Mrs. Frances
Whitbread, James
Davis, James
Wiles, Constantine
Dence, John James

LYNSTED LANE - From George Inn, Greenstreet, to Lynsted Street

On right from Greenstreet-
Middleton, Edwin George
(Rose House), Lavars, W.A.
Wigg, Thomas
Wesleyan Sunday School
Carrier, Frederick
(Collegiate School), Houghton, Miss F., and Symonds, Miss B.
Holly Bank-
Couchman, Richard
Bensted, E.
(Orchard House) George, G. W., builder
Pilcher, John

(Here is road to Sittingbourne.)
(Here is Lynsted Street)

On left from Greenstreet
Lucas, William
Batten, Mrs
Kemsley, William
(Malt House), Hawkins, Thomas
Sherwood, Edward
Cherry, Thomas
Webb, William
Pilcher, Mrs. Mary
McMullen, Edward
(Bogle Farm), Filmer, Thomas
Wiles, William
Johnson, Ernest
Norman, Harry
(School House), Ackermann, T.L.
Lynsted Board School
(Mill House)
(Battersea Farm), Mercer, Robert M.

(Here comes Lynsted Street)

LYNSTED STREET - continuation of Lynsted Lane
On right from Lynsted Lane –
Black Lion Inn, Fuller, Mrs. Sarah
Parish Church

(Here comes Ludgate Road)

Boots, -
Friday, James
Bailey, Samuel
Barnes, Frederick
Smith, George H., grocer and farmer
Seward's Farm
Munns, Robert
Day, Richard
Smith, Andrew William

(Continuation is road to Kingsdown)

On left from Lynsted Lane –
(The Vicarage), Sewell, Rev. T. J., M.A., Vicar
Foster, Harry
Clark, Thomas
(Hillside) Back, Thomas, builder
Johnson, Harry
Dence, Mrs. Ann Maria
Busbridge, Charles Robert, smith and farrier and general shopkeeper
(Post Office), Busbridge, Miss, sub-postmistress; agent for the sale of this Directory
Dives, John Edward
Soule, Richard

(Continuation is road to Kingsdown)


(From London Road to Tickham.)

(Noud's House), Warstall, Capt.
Smith, Alfred
Randall, William
Cherry Gardens
Challender, William, land surveyor
Smith, John
New House Farm
Streatfield, Henry
Ralph, Henry William
Randall, John
Millen, Albert
Bishop's Farm
Holding, William
Kemsley, Charles
Bridges, Alfred


Busbridge, George
Marsh, Mrs.
Handford, Thomas
Coppins, George
Champ, William
Jarrett, Jesse
Pilcher, Henry
Tickham Farm
Stowers, Philip
Handford, Thomas
Simmons, -
Barling, Miss Ellen
(Loyterton Farm), Collins, Joseph


Teynham is a Vicarage in the gift of the Archdeacon of Canterbury. It lies for the most part to the north of the London Road at Greenstreet, the northern side of which is in this Parish. The Railway Station is about 3 miles from Sittingbourne and 4 miles from Faversham. The Church is about a mile north-east from Greenstreet, and a little below the Church is the Village, a small distance northward of which are the marshes, which extend to the Swale, the northern boundary of the Parish. On a small Creek in these marshes is a Quay called Conyers.
Richard Harrys, fruiterer to Henry VIII., in 1533 obtained 105 acres of rich land called the Brennet, and dividing it into 10 parcels, planted it with fruit trees which he obtained from abroad. They consisted of the Kentish cherry, Kentish Pippen, and the golden renate. Population: 1891, 1,683; 1871, 1,695; 1901, 1839.
The Church, dedicated to S. Mary, is built in the form of a cross, and consists of three aisles, a High Chancel, and north and south chancels, having a square tower at the west end in which hang four bells. There are remains of good painted glass in the windows. The south chancel is called "the Frognall chancel," as belonging to that estate. The north is termed "the Hinkley chancel." Registers date from 1538, the year when Oliver Cromwell, Vicar-General, ordered Parish Registers to be kept throughout the kingdom.
Vicar: Rev. E. J. Corbould, M.A., Assistant Priest: Rev. F. Newham. Churchwardens: R. Lake and W. R. Dixon. Services: Parish Church, Sundays, 11 and 3; Holy Communion, 1st Sunday in month, after Matins; 3rd Sunday, 8 a.m.; Morning Prayers on Saints' Days, and on every Friday during Advent and Lent, 10.30 a.m. Sunday School: 10.15 and 2.30. Superintendent: W. Lees. Will seat 400. S. Andrew's Mission Church, Greenstreet: Sundays, Morning Service on 2nd and 4th Sundays, 11 a.m. Holy Communion, 2nd Sunday at 8 a.m.; 4th after Matins. Every Sunday Evening, 6.30. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Hymns, A. and M. There are also Wesleyan and Bible Christian Chapels.
Guardian: H.T. Bensted. Overseers: W. French and W. R. Dixon. Assistant Overseer: R. S. Dunn. Registrar Births, Deaths and Marriages: S. George, junr. Queen's Tax Collector: S. George, junr., Greenstreet.
Postal Arrangements: See Sittingbourne.
Parish Council: Roper Dixon (Chairman), W. Atkins, H. T. Bensted, W. H. Crippen, W. French, I. J. Holmes, W. J. Read, W. R. Read and S. E. Streetfield. Clerk, R. S. Dunn.
National Schools: Barrow Green; J. H. Winterton, headmaster; Mrs. Winterton, headmistress.
Ancient Order of Foresters: Court Pride of Greenstreet; Secretary, W. Streetfield, Station Road, Teynham.
National Deposit Friendly Society: Secretary, Mr. Rogers, Station Road, Teynham.
Hand-in-Hand Benefit Club: Secretary, J. Miles, Teynham Coffee Tavern.
Agents for the Sale of this Directory: A. E. Parris, Station Road; and W. Atkins, Greenstreet.

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