The Busbridge Family Connection to Lynsted

A line of enquiry was developed by Society Committee Member, Nigel Heriz-Smith, when the local church authorities decided to remove the old pews and priests chair from Lynsted Church in favour of modern, more flexible, chairs. The Pews and other furniture were put up for sale. The Society found early records that show the Priest's Stall was added in 1933 as the result of a bequest from Miss Frances Catherine Busbridge (born in Lynsted to Robert Busbridge - blacksmith in Forge Cottage, Lynsted). We tried to find a living relative who might be interested, but so far as we can tell, neither Frances, nor her brother (Charles Robert Busbridge, who married Elizabeth Shipp) nor her sister (Jane Maria Elizabeth Busbridge) had children. Do you know more?

Below, is a 'best endeavours' attempt to identify any family member who might be interested in the fate of the pews and in particular the Priest's Chair of 1933. The pew ends were originally carved by a local craftsman, creating a 'linen-fold' feature.

Busbridge Family links to the Priest's Chair in Lynsted Church

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