The Leese Family - Card Index entries

Following a line of enquiry regarding "The Greys" (Kingsdown), a question was asked about a booklet referred to by our one-time vicar Bill Hill in relation to this property.

The author of the book is suggested as William Stiles, but nothing else is known as to whether the booklet was published or a private notebook held by Bill Hill or contained in the Parish Box that sits in the Canterbury Cathedral Archives. The subject of that booklet is an "admeasurement of the parish of Lynsted". Essentially, a source of association between people and places around the Parish - including the Leese family.

As a consequence, a trawl of Nigel Heriz-Smith's "card index" revealed how long-standing the connection with Leese Family was both in Lynsted and nearby. Those entries are added to our on-line record in case the link leads to more about the "missing book" or the family name.


Source/Date Text Record Type/Event
Parish Record/1620-03-26 John LEESE baptised in Lynsted Church. Father John LEESE. Baptism
Parish Record/1620-10-30 BUNKER - LEESE: John Bunker and Mary Leese at Lynsted. Marriage
Parish Record/1625-04-24 Robert LEESE baptism in Lynsted Church. Father Robert. Baptism
Parish Record/1627-06-17 Robert LEESE baptism in Lynsted Church. Father Robert. Baptism
Parish Record/1627-06-23 Robert LEESE burial in Lynsted. Father Robert Burial
Parish Record/1629-10-11 Elizabeth LEESE baptised in Lynsted. Father Robert LEESE Baptism
Parish Record/1667-12-21 Henary LEESE buried in Lynsted. Burial
Parish Record/1771-09-07 LEESE - READ: William Leese of Lynsted (bachelor) and Mary Read of Faversham (spinster) at Faversham. Marriage
Kentish Gazette/1804-02-06 On Wednesday last was married at Lynsted, by the Rev. Thomas Wilson, Mr. William Leese, to Miss Robinson, only daughter of Lieutenant Robinson, of the Royal Navy Marriage
Kentish Gazette/1808-09-09 "KENT.-GAME CERTIFICATES for 1808. An Alphabetical List of the NAMES, DESCRIPTIONS and PLACES of ABODE, of those Persons, who have taken out GENERAL CERTIFICATES of THREE GUINEAS each, in the County of Kent, made up to the 4th September instant, as far as the same have been returned by the Surveyors, PUBLISHED, pursuant to an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the forty-eight year of the reign of King George the Third, chapter 55, entitled ""An Act for repealing the Duties of Assessed Taxes and granting New Duties in lieu thereof, and certain Additional Duties to be consolidated therewith, and also for repealing the Stamp Duties on Game Certificates, and granting New Duties in lieu thereof, to be placed under the Management of the Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes."" By order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary.
Blaxland, Edward - gent. - Lynsted;
Kemp, William Henry esq. - Teynham;
Lushington, Stephen R. - M.P. - Lynsted Lodge;
Leese, William - yeoman - Lynsted
Kentish Gazette/1810-09-14 KENT.-GAME CERTIFICATE for 1810 (heading as above).
Anders, Israel - Lynsted;
Barling, J.S. Esq - Lynsted;
Leese, William - Lynsted;
Luck, Richard - Lynsted
The Times/1823-03-26 TO be LET, in a healthy situation, about four miles from Sittingbourne, in Kent, a near HOUSE for a small genteel family, consisting of 2 parlours, 3 front sleeping rooms, 2 servants ditto, with garden, chaise house, 2-stall stable, cowhouse, &c. and about 9 acres of orchard and meadow land. Possession may be had the 6th of April next, and for a term of years if required. Apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr. W.Leese of Linsted, near Sittingbourne, Kent. Property/Letting
Kentish Gazette/1844-05-21 TO BE LET, With immediate Possession, A Good DWELLING-HOUSE, and old-established BUTCHER'S SHOP, situated in the high-street, Canterbury.- Apply to Mr. SABINE, baker, High-street, who will show the premises; or by letter, post-paid, addressed to Mr. Edward LEESE, Cambridge Cottage, near Greenstreet. Property/Letting
Kentish Gazette/1844-10-01 FAVERSHAM. Friday week the annual floral and horticultural exhibition took place at Greenstreet. The display of cut flowers was considered superior to any exhibited at the neighbouring shows; the dahlias of Mr. Hughes, of Faversham, and Mr. Leese, of Norton, were very superb, and those of the hon. Mrs. Lushington and Sir J.M.Tylden were also very fine; the China and German asters, French marigolds, and miscellaneous cut flowers were abundant and good. The show of fruit was very fine, particularly the apples, and the cottagers' productions were beyond all praise. Horticulture
Kentish Gazette/1845-09-16 TO BE LET, A Dwelling House, with Shop and back premises, situated in the High Street, Canterbury, now in the occupation of John Dixon, tea dealer. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr Sabine, baker, High-street, Canterbury, or Mr. Leese, Cambridge Cottage, near Greenstreet. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. Property to Let
Kentish Gazette/1847-03-09 "FAVERSHAM FARMERS' CLUB. AT a SPECIAL MEETING the FAVERSHAM FARMERS' CLUB, called for the purpose of considering the effect of the present Malt-tax upon the Agricultural aud general Interest the county, held at the Guildhall FAVERSHAM, the 3d day of March, 1847, ' CHARLES JONES HILTON, Esq , the President, the Chair, the following Resolutions were unanimously passed Proposed by Mr. John Neame, and seconded by Alfred Cobb - That the tax upon malt restricts its consumption by limiting the draught the national beverage, beer; and that it also prevents it from, being used, for the purpose of feeding and fattening cattle and sheep; thereby checking the energy and skill of farmer and maltster, preventing the employment and labour in agriculture, and proving injurious to the interest of the country at large ""Proposed by Mr. James Lake, and seconded Mr W Carter - ""That meeting regards the Malt-tax as unjust and obnoxious inasmuch as it falls most heavily upon the industrious classes society, and materially lessens the social and domestic comforts the laborer, artizan. and mechanic "" Proposed by Mr Charles Neame, and seconded by Mr. J. Wildash. That is in the opinion of this meeting that all legitimate means should be immediately adopted to obtain the repeal of the Malt-tax; and that the neighbourhood requested join the ' Faversham Farmers' Club in subscribing to the 'Total Repeal of the Malt-tax Association' London, in order to co-operate with them in obtaining this desirable object."" Proposed R. Cobb, and seconded by Mr. J. Abbott ""That parochial subscriptions he entered into; and that the following gentlemen, requested to collect them in the respective parishes, viz : Badlesmere - Mr. J Chapman Luddenham - Mr. W. Carter, Lynsted-Mr C. Murton; Boughton - Mr. L. Apsley; Newnham - Mr. J. Gore Buckland - Mr G. Collard; Norton - Mr. J. Strouts; Davington - Mr. I. Wildash; Oare - I. Wildash; Doddington - Mr C T Mahon; Ospringe - Mr. J. Abbott, Mr. Cobb; Dunkirk-Mr. J. Saddleton; Eastling-Mr. B Leese; Preston - Mr. G. C. Morgan; Faversham Mr.J.Chambers; Selling -Mr. C. Neame; Goodnestone - Mr H. Byng; Sheldwich; Mr. H. Read; Graveney-Mr. J . Taylor; Stalisfield; Mr J. Chambers; Hernhill; Mr. J. G. Shepherd; Stone; Mr Collard - Teynham; Mr. J Lake - Leaveland; Mr. J. P. Dodd - Throwley; Mr. R. Cobb. Proposed Mr Charles Murton, and seconded by Mr. L. Apsley - That the thanks of the meeting be given to I. Smith, Esq , Springfield Lodge, Rye ; H. Selmes, Esq , of Oakhill, Beckley; and W J. Northouse, Esq., London; who have so kindly attended this day in order to afford information on this important subject."" Proposed by Mr. Edward Cobb, and seconded by Mr. I Edward Strouts; ""That the thanks of the meeting be given to the President, for his able conduct in the Chair."" Agriculture
Kentish Gazette/1854-02-14 DEATHS:- LEESE.- February 6th, at Eastling, Mary, wife of William Leese aged 67 years. Death

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