Teynham and Lynsted Fire Brigade Reports
1916 to 1937

95. Radfield Farm - stacks and buildings

Teynham and Lynsted Brigade - Fire Reports
Date July 4th 1936  
Time of Call 11.25 am  
Place Radfield Farm  
Description of Premises Farm Buildings Stacks &c  
Owner Exors. G. H. Dean Esq  
Estimated Loss    
Insurance Building Insurance Office
    Northern 124877
  Contents Insurance Office
Estimated Value of Property at risk    
Cause of Fire    
Water Supply Milton Main & Pumping from pond  
How Called Mr Stowell  
Appliances and men Present Motor Pump & Brigade  
How Extinguished. Number of lines of hose used, and C. 1,000 Feet 10.30 PM return to Station
Expenses incurred Refs.  
General remarks as to damage, and c.    
Date July 9/36  
Signed A E Ferris  
  Chief Officer  

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