Vicars and Curates - Lynsted, Kingsdown and Teynham

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Elizabeth Selby (1935) lists vicars of Lynsted from 1280 using several sources that overlap with the CCEd List (below).


1280 Robert de S. Waltone. (Hasted. From an old deed in possession of Rev. -. Fox.)
1284 Peter de Borden.
1322 John Kayser.
1327 John de Tenham.
  Robert Gerard. (Resigned.)
1333 A Mandate of Enquiry was held as to institution and induction of Hugh de Grymmestone.
1349 Walter de Wynstone, Priest, by Raymond Pelligrini, Proctor for the Archdeacon, Petrus Rogerius.
1357 John Haselden. (Resigned.)
1357 Roger de Sevenoke.
  Magister Robert de Notyngham. (Resigned.)
1361 (June) Roger de Apuldrefeld. (Resigned.)
1361 (Aug.) Roger de Draughton.
1361 (Dec.) Richard Newman de Dephan p.m. Robert Fleming ult Vicar (?).
1362 Walter Wynston on resignation of Roger Draughton.
1363 John Postlyng. (Resigned.)
1366 John Manger, appointed by Hugh Pelligrini, Proctor, in the absence of Petrus Rogerius.
1369 William Neweby from York Diocese on resignation of John Manger.
1369 Roger Cok, Rector of Mannington. (Exchanged with Wm. Neweby, died at Lynsted.)
1372 Robert Skynner, Presbyter.
  Thomas Barton.
1393 Richard Wrask.
1399 Thomas Kyng.
1400 Thomas Colne or Gerard. Changed with T. King.
1420 Hugh Gaynesborough. (Resigned.)
1423 John Sendles.
1431 Dionisius Kyrnban.
1433 Rad. Lawrence. (Resigned.)
1435 John Bromfelde. (Resigned.)
1436 Magister John Belchamp.
1437 John Seyl.
  Thomas Thornton. (Resigned.)
1444 Thomas Skernyng.
  John Nashe. (Died.)
1446 Henry Ffowel. (Died.)
  Robert Sutton.
  John Belham.
1474 William Clerke.
  Jacobi Balgeswy. (Died.)
1490 Magister Richard Spekington.
  Michael Treble. (Resigned.)
1494 Magister John Hawkins. (Resigned.)
1501 William Tost.
1504 William Coste (? Hasted) or Tofft.1
1509 George Crowmer.
  Thomas Wellys.
1511 John Wright. (Resigned without leave.)
  Magister George Crowmer.
1523 John Wryght. (Died.)
1547 William Stapulford. (Patron, Elizabeth Countess of Salisbury.)
1549 John Elys, on the deprivation of William Stapulford. (Patron, Edmund Cranmer, Archdeacon.)
1552 )
1556 )
Letters were exchanged with reference to the Institution of John Elys, and the fact that William Stapulford accepted the benefice without dispensation.
1560 The Churchwardens complained the Vicar was not resident and left his benefice to a reader. (Visitations.)
1572 Eustachius Ellis.
1585 Nicholas Goldsborough. (Resigned.)
1589 Christopher Pashley. (Died.) (Also Vicar of Tenham.)
1612 Edward Hirst. (Also Vicar of Tenham.)
1618 Francis Fotherby. (Also Vicar of S. Clements, Sandwich.)
1685 Henry Eve. (The "Farming Doctor", see Teynham Church.)
1691 William Wickens. (Also Vicar of Eastling.) The inhabitants complained of him for non-residency and neglecting burying the dead.
1718 Charles Sturges.
1726 John Iron. (Buried in the Church.)
1766 Henry Shove (son of Henry Shove, Vicar of Doddington, afterwards Vicar of Great Mongeham and then Doddington).
1767 Hopkins Fox. (Also Rector of Rucking.) (Died.)
1793 Stephen Tucker. (He had been Vicar of Sheldwich 1757, Lympne 1789. He was also Vicar of Borden 1797, and resigned Lynsted in 1800.)
1800 Thomas Wilson. (Died.)
1830 William Henry Crawford. (Resigned.) 1839 John Hamilton. (Died Lynsted 1892.)
1892 Rev. T. J. Sewell. (Resigned.)
1925 Rev. S. E. L. Skelton. (Resigned.)
1927 Rev. L. E. A. Ehrmann.

Society additions (26th October 2020):

East Kent Gazette of 1st April 1948
The New Vicar.- The Rev J.D.G. Reeve, M.A., who succeeds the Rev L.E.A. Ehrmann as Vicar of Lynsted, will be instituted and inducted to the living on Thursday afternoon, April 1st. The institution will be performed by the Bishop of Dover and the induction by the Ven. The Archdeacon of Canterbury

East Kent Gazette of 10th August 1956

The Rev J.D.G. Reeve, vicar of Lynsted since 1948, announced in church on Sunday that he is to leave the parish to take up an appointment as vicar of St Andrew's Church, Deal, some time in October.
The Rev John David Genge Reeve entered Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and gained a B.A. degree in 1936, and an M.A. in 1940. He was at Westcott House, Cambridge, in 1938. He was made a deacon in 1939, and ordained priest in 1940. Mr Reeve was curate of Birchington with Acol from 1939 to 1948, when he took up his present appointment. He was curate-in-charge of Kingsdown from 1953 to 1955, when the parish was included with Lynsted.

East Kent Gazette of 26th October 1956
Gifts for the Vicar.
Farewell presentations were made to the Rev J.D.G. Reeve (Vicar of Lynsted with Kingsdown) and Mrs Reeve after evensong on Sunday evening, for the vicar is to take up an appointment as Rector of St. Andrew's, Deal, next week. A cheque from parishioners in Lynsted and Kingsdown, a pencil from members of the choir and servers, and a pictured of the church from the Sunday School were presented. Mrs Reeves was presented with a handbag from members of the Mothers' Union, Young Wives' Group and Working Party. Mr Reeve is to be inducted at Deal on Monday.

East Kent Gazette of 15th February 1957
Vicar of Lower Halstow from 1949 to 1953, the Rev. Vincent Charles Puplett has accepted the living of Lynsted with Kingdown and Norton.
His appointment was announced by the churchwardens in Lynsted Parish Church on Sunday.
Mr Puplett has been Vicar of St John the Evangelist, Scunthorpe, since he left Lower Halstow four years ago.
Deaconized in 1940 and made priest in 1941, he was curate of St Mary of Nazareth, West Wickham, from 1940 to 1944, and curate of St John the Baptist, Margate, from 1944 to 1949.
It is not yet known when Mr Puplett will be inducted into his new parish, the boundaries of which have been altered since the departure last September of the Rev J.D.G. Reeve. The incumbency now includes Norton, which has been vacant since their rector, the Rev J.B. Hodgson left for Appledore.

East Kent Gazette of 17th May 1957
Lynsted Parish Church was well filled on Saturday evening for the institution by the Bishop of Dover (the Rt. Rev L.E. Meredith), of the Rev Vincent Charles Puplett as Vicar of Lynsted with Kingsdown.
Following his institution, Mr Puplett was inducted into the living of the parish by the Archdeacon of Canterbury (the Ven. A Sargent), assisted by the Rural Dean of Ospringe (the Rev. E.W. Phillips).
Earlier in the day Mr Puplett had been instituted Rector of Norton.
The bishop, in his address to the Lynsted parishioners, took his text from the Collect for the third Sunday after Easter; "The Fellowship of Christ's Religion."
He recalled that, as part of the induction, a procession consisting of the new vicar, the archdeacon, the rural dean and the churchwardens had moved to various parts of the church, including the font, the chancel steps and the altar, and suggested that stopping at these places had some significance.
"The font," he said, "signifies that which endeavours to keep the unity of the Spirit; one Lord, one faith, one baptism. Years ago all the churches used to be one; today they are divided. However, one is baptised at the font into the Church of Christ and not into the Church of England."
Growth of the Church

The bishop likened the chancel steps to the growth of the church, because that was where those who had been baptised were confirmed and later, perhaps , married. He said that it was one of the duties of a vicar to help people to know the ways of the Lord and to help them to grow up in the way of Christ.
Concluding, the bishop said that the altar signified worship and that worship was the first duty of a priest. He also said that it was the duty of parents to instruct their children in religion, and he condemned those who did not.
The induction was followed by a reception at Lynsted school at which the new vicar cut a large iced cake decorated with the crossed keys of St. Paul and St. Peter together with the Wheel of St Catherine, representing the united parish of Lynsted with Kingsdown.
Addressing his parishioners, the vicar said how happy he was to be back in Kent, having spent the past four years at a place where the only things that sprang from the ground were factory chimneys.
[Mr Puplett was Vicar of Lower Halstow from 1949 to 1951, since when he has been at Scunthorpe.]

Clergy of the Church of England's Database

Teynham is included below because of St Stephens Church on Greenstreet Hill (demolished) and the location of north Greenstreet in Teynham Parish. These records can also be found through the Clergy of the Church of England Database (CCEd).

Name as Recorded Year Type Office
LYNSTED Wryght , Johannes 1541 Libc Vicar
Browne , Anthonius 1541 Libc Curate
Stapulforde , Willelmus 1547 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Wryght , Johannes 1547 Vac (natural death) Vicar
Elys , Johannes 1549 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Stapulforde , Willelmus 1549 Vac (Deprivation) Vicar
Ellis , Johannes 1550 Libc Vicar
Stapleforde , Wilhelmus 1555 Libc Vicar
Shoghe , Robertus 1556 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Ellys , Wilhelmus 1569 Libc Curate
Ellys , Johannes 1569 Libc Vicar
Ellis , Johannes 1572 Vac (resignation) Perpetual Vicar
Ellis , Eustachius 1572 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Ellyce , Johannes 1577 Libc Vicar
Ellis , Eustacius 1584 Libc Vicar
Goldboroughe , Nicholas 1585 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Pashley , Christopher 1589 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Goldesborough , Nicholas 1589 Vac (resignation) Perpetual Vicar
Pashley , Cristoferus 1592 Libc Vicar
Pashlye , Cristoferus 1596 Libc Vicar
Pashley , Cristoferus 1603 Libc Vicar
Pahley , Christoferus 1604 Disp-App Vicar
Richards , Robert 1606 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Pashley , Cristoferus 1607 Libc Vicar
other, 1607 Libc Curate
Pashley , Cristoferus 1612 Libc Vicar
Hirst , Edward 1612 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Hirst , Edward 1612 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Pashley , Christopher 1612 Vac (Death) Perpetual Vicar
Hirst , Edward 1618 Vac (Death) Perpetual Vicar
Fotherbye , Francis 1618 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Fotherby , Franciscus 1618 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Chambers , Nathaniel 1621 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Fotherbye , Franciscus 1622 Libc Vicar
Fotherby , Franciscus 1628 Libc Vicar
Fotherby , Franciscus 1634 Libc Vicar
other, 1634 Libc Curate
Fotherby , Francisi 1637 Libc Vicar
Vicars , John 1639 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Fotherbie , Fraunciscus 1642 Libc Vicar
Wickins , William 1681 Subsc Vicar
Fox , Hopkins 1780 Disp-App Vicar
Tucker , Stephen 1793 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Fox , Hopkins 1793 Vac (Death) Vicar
Tucker, Stephen 1797 Disp-App Vicar
Tucker, Stephen 1797 Appt (Resignation) Vicar
Tucker, Stephen 1800 Vac (cession) Vicar
Wilson , Thomas 1800 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Crawford , William Henry 1830 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Wilson , Thomas 1830 Vac (Death) Vicar
Name as Recorded Year Type Office
KINGSDOWN * de Luddenham,  Peter 1313 Rector
* Laffe,  John 1348 Rector resigns
* ??  Richard 1349 Rector presented
* Astley,  John 1421 Rector presented in place of Thomas Nevee
* Walpole,  Roger  1422 Rector
* Baumbergh,  John  1423 Rector
* Ayscow,  Richard 1430 Rector in place of William Smyth
* Exchange between Richard Ascow and Simon Lorse of Coventry 1435 Rector
* Fitzwater,  John  1436 Rector
* Flete,  John  1438 Rector
* Jordan, Richard 1455 Rector
* Griggs, William 1457 Rector
* ap Thomas, William  1463 Rector
* Ley, Thomas  1467 Rector
* Tonstale, Thomas  1500 Rector on death of William Ockys
Thomlyn, Lodowicus  1540 Libc Rector
Tomlyn, Lodowicus  1541 Libc Rector
Thomlyn, Lodovicus  1550 Libc Rector
Bigge, Richardus  1550 Libc Curate
Colinson, Thomas  1552 Appt (Institution) Rector
vacancy 1555 Libc Rector
Jackson, Rowlandus  1569 Libc Rector
* Lamb, Arthur  1570 Rector on death of Rowland Jackson
Jackson, Roulandus  1577 Libc Rector
Jackson, Rowlandus  1578 Vac (natural death) Rector
Lambe, Arthurus  1578 Appt (Institution) Rector
* Lamb€,  Rowland  1580 Rector died
Lambe, Arthurus  1581 Vac (natural death) Rector
Collyson, Laurentius  1581 Appt (Institution) Rector
Collinson, Laurentius  1584 Libc Rector
Collinson, Laurentius  1592 Libc Rector
Collison, Laurentius  1596 Libc Rector
Collingson, Laurentius  1603 Libc Rector
other 1607 Libc Curate
Collinson, Lawtentius  1607 Libc Rector
Collinson,Laurentius  1612 Libc Rector
Collinson, Laurentius  1622 Libc Rector
* Batcheller, Christopher  1623 Rector
* Golden, Nathaniel  1623 Rector
Collison, Laurence  1623 Vac (natural death) Rector
Batcheller, Christopher  1623 Appt (Institution) Rector
Bacheller, Christoferus  1628 Libc Rector
other 1634 Libc Curate
Bachelor, Cristoferus  1634 Libc Rector
Bachelor, Christopherus  1637 Libc Rector
Bacheller, Poferus  1642 Libc Rector
* Tylden, Richard  1661 Rector
* Allen, Thomas  1661 Rector died
Dale, Thomas  1662 Vac (resignation) Rector
Archbold, Eadwardus 1662 Appt (Induction Mandate) Rector
* Slaughter, William  1668 Rector
Gilmon, John  1690 Appt (Institution) Rector
Gilman, Johannes  1690 Appt (Institution) Rector
Atwood, Samuel  1697 Appt (Licensing) Preacher
Baree, Edmund  1700 Rector
Grant,  John  1711 Appt (Institution) Rector
Gilman, John  1711 Vac Rector
Grant, Johes  1713 Libc Rector
Pugh, Hugo  1716 Appt (Licensing) Curate
* Allen, Thomas  1717 Rector
Grant, Johnes  1722 Libc Rector
Grant, Johes  1724 Libc Rector
Johnson, Unknown  1724 Libc Curate
Johnson, Gulielmus  1724 Appt (Licensing) Curate
* Swinden, Tobias  1733 Rector
Grant, John  1734 Libc Rector
Hodges, Walter  1736 Appt (Institution) Rector
Grant, John  1736 Vac (Death) Rector
Hodges, Walter  1738 Libc Rector
Norbury, Thomas  1738 Libc Curate
Hodges, Walter  1738 Libc Rector
Hodges, Walter  1743 Libc Rector
Lambe, Davies  1743 Libc Curate
Hodges, Walter  1747 Libc Rector
Hodges, Walter  1748 Libc Rector
Hodges, Walter  1748 Libc Rector
Lambe, Davies  1748 Libc Curate
Hodges, Walter  1754 Libc Rector
* Gardiner. William  1754 Rector (died within a month)
* Pennington, Thomas  1754 Rector
* Pennington Junior, Thomas  1786 Rector
* Horden, Houstowne J  1856 Rector
* Owtram, Cuthbert Ellidge  1911 Rector
* Taylor-Jones, Edward William Tetley  1922 Rector
* Serviced by Milsted until Union with Lynsted 1939  
Name as Recorded Year Type Office
TEYNHAM Gason , Thomas 1541 Libc Vicar
Scott , Andreas 1541 Libc Curate
Calverte , Nicholaus 1550 Libc Vicar
Stapleford , William 1554 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Claver , Nicholas 1554 Vac (Deprivation) Vicar
Reynsforde , Henricus 1555 Libc Curate
Stapleford , Wilhelmus 1555 Libc Vicar
Dowell , Ralph 1559 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Stapleford , William 1559 Vac (Death) Vicar
Cotie , Thomas 1567 Libc Curate
Calver , Nicholaus 1569 Libc Vicar
Webb , Richardus 1569 Libc Curate
Calver , Nicholaus 1570 Vac (Death) Perpetual Vicar
Hollandon , Laurencius 1570 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Hollenden , Laurentius 1577 Libc Vicar
Cowlson , Thomas 1584 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Hollenden , Laurentius 1584 Libc Vicar
Hollanden , Laurentius 1592 Libc Vicar
Hollenden , Laurentius 1595 Vac (Death) Perpetual Vicar
Fotherby , Carolus 1595 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
unknown, unknown 1596 Libc Curate
Cant , Archius 1596 Libc Vicar
Fotherbye , Charles 1600 Vac (resignation) Perpetual Vicar
Graye , John 1600 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Hull , William 1601 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Graye , John 1601 Vac (resignation) Perpetual Vicar
Gray , Johannes 1601 Libc Perpetual Vicar
Hull , Wilhelmus 1603 Libc Vicar
Pahley , Christoferus 1604 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Pashley , Christopherus 1604 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Hull , Williamus 1604 Vac (resignation) Perpetual Vicar
Richards , Robert 1606 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Pashley , Cristoferus 1607 Libc Vicar
Richardes , Robertus 1607 Libc Curate
Ballard , Thomas 1607 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Pashelie , John 1608 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Kingsmill , Thomas 1611 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Hirste , Edward 1612 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Pashley , Christopher 1612 Vac (Death) Perpetual Vicar
Hirst , Edward 1612 Disp-App Vicar
Pashley , Cristoferus 1612 Libc Vicar
Colfe , Isaac 1618 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Colfe , Isaacus 1622 Libc Vicar
Handocke , Evan 1622 Libc Curate
Haydock , Evan 1622 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Colfe , Isaac 1624 Disp-App Vicar
Colfe , Isaacus 1628 Libc Vicar
Alvered , William 1628 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Colfe , Isaac 1634 Libc Vicar
other, 1634 Libc Curate
Colfe , Isaac 1635 Appt (Resignation) Vicar
Gosse , John 1636 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Colfe , Isaac 1636 Vac (cession) Perpetual Vicar
Coffe , 1637 Libc Vicar
Miller , Thomas 1642 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Cater , Thomas 1660 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Cater , Thomas 1660 Subsc Vicar
Eve , Henry 1663 Subsc Vicar
Eve , Henry 1663 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Eve , Henry 1663 Subsc Vicar
Taylor , Jeremiah 1681 Subsc Vicar
Taylor , Jeremy 1686 Disp-App Vicar
Stanton , Thomas 1688 Appt (Institution) Perpetual Vicar
Taylor , Jeremy 1688 Vac (Death) Perpetual Vicar
Grainger , William 1776 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Allett , James 1776 Vac (Death) Vicar
Grainger , William 1776 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Cautley , John 1778 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Grainger , William 1778 Vac (Death) Vicar
Cautley , John 1797 Vac (Death) Vicar
Jones , George 1797 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Jones , George 1797 Libc Vicar
Conant , John 1803 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Conant , John 1803 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Jones , George 1803 Vac (Death) Vicar
Spencer, Thomas 1806 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Radcliffe, John 1811 Appt (Institution) Vicar
Conant , John 1811 Vac (Death) Vicar
Turmine, Henry 1811 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Radcliffe, John 1811 Disp (Dispensation) Vicar
Winter , John 1818 Appt (Licensing) Stipendiary Curate
Winter, John 1818 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Hunt, John 1821 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Hunt , John 1821 Appt (Licensing) Stipendiary Curate
Buckle, Matthew Hughes George 1826 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Rice, Henry 1828 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Rice, Henry 1828 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Stone, Charles 1831 Appt (Licensing) Curate
Baker , Thomas 1834 Appt (Licensing) Curate

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