Crimes and Misdemeanours in Lynsted - 16th/17th Century :: and Marriage Licences

The Society's thanks go to Peter Stuart, genealogist and Member of the Kent Family History Society. On visiting our web-site, he thought these records may be of wider interest.

James Burden of Lynsted, labourer, in £10, to appear, answer and to keep the peace towards Henry Ady of Norton, yeoman; sureties, John Medman and Anthony Farrwood of Lynsted of Lynsted, labourers 27 Feb 1593/4
John Grantham of Lynsted, weaver, in £10, to appear with Dorothy, his wife, answer and to keep the peace towards Anne Osborne of the same, widow; sureties, William Dane of the same and William Harrison of Tong, yeoman. 22 June 1595
Examinations of Tabytha Taylor alias Stevens, Roger Tyller of Baddlesmere regarding her movements and suspicious behaviour and the theft of goods from Mother Kemp at Lynsted 19 Sept 1597
Thomas Reader of Lynsted, tailor, in £10, to pay 8d. weekly to Rebecca Fissher to keep a bastard child of which he is the reputed father 31 July 1598
Richard Cornish of Lynsted, butcher, in £10, to appear and to be of good behaviour towards Peter Barva[?n] of the same, victualler; surety, Thomas Parker of the same, yeoman. 4 Aug 1598
Michael Fidge of Milton [Regis], carpenter, in £20, to appear and answer; surety, Richard Cornishe of Lynsted, butcher. 7 Oct 1598
Thomas Morris of Lynsted, tailor, in £5, to appear and answer objections made by the parishioners of the same 18 Dec 1598
Richard Saunders of Lynsted, victualler; sureties, Thomas Parker and William Downe, both of Lynsted, yeomen - ref. QM/RLv/69 - date: 12 March 1598/9
Edward Hernden of Sittingbourne, yeoman, at the sign of the Horn; sureties, Thomas Dugdall and Mathew Wood of Lynsted, yeomen. 4 April 1599
Thomas Hankes of Lynsted, tailor, in his house at Greenstreet in Lynsted; sureties, William Harris of Teynham, gentleman and Anthony Forwood of Lynsted, yeoman 28 April 1599
Peter Barber of Lynsted, brewer; sureties, Anthony Forwood and John Medman, both of the same, yeomen 21 June 1599
Since Roger Twysden, esq., sheriff of the county, on the last day of July, 1600, by virtue of a writ of capias utlaget against John Whitlock of Lynsted, yeoman, at the suit of William Crayford, esq., directed to the sheriff and returnable before the Queen's Justices at Westminster on the morrow [?] All Souls next, issued a warrant to Stephen Stenyngs, bailiff, for the arrest of John Whitlock, who by virtue of the warrant on 5th August, 1600, at Lynsted arrested John Whitlock and took him into custody. Later, the same day William Harris of Teynham, gentleman, John Symons of Teynham, clerk, and Hugh Willyams of Lynsted, husbandman, assaulted Stephen Stenyngs and rescued John Whitlock and took him from the custody of the bailiff so that John Whitlock has remained at large. 23rd September, 1600
George Robynson to keep the peace towards Peter Barber, in £10. Sureties, John Braston of Lynsted and Nicholas Cattlett of Tonge, yeoman, in £5 each. By James Crowmer. 19th July, 1603
Robert West of Lynsted, shoemaker, in the hundred of Tenham for unlicensed victualling 23-24 Sept. 1605
Alice, wife of Randolph Clarke of Lynsted, being above the age of sixteen years, has not attended the parish church of Lynsted or any other church for two months 1 Nov 1605
Peter Pope of London, "fruiterer" at Lynsted, broke into and entered a close of John Whitlocke and stole, pears, plums and cherries worth £20, belonging to the said John. 1606
Christopher Allen of Lynsted, yeoman, in £10, to appear, do and receive and to keep the peace towards James Newland of Bapchild; sureties, Ralph Bynghame and John Whitlock, both of Lynsted, yeomen. 20 July 1606
James Newland of Bapchild, yeoman, in £10, to appear, do and receive and to keep the peace towards Simon Allen of Lynsted, yeoman; sureties, John Morley of Tong, gentleman and Thomas Batman of Kingsdown, yeoman. - 24 July 1606
Simon Allen in £10, to appear and to keep the peace towards James Newland; sureties, Christopher Allen and Randolph Bingham, both of Lynsted, yeomen. 26 July 1606
John Whitlock of Lynsted, yeoman, in £10, to appear, do and receive and to keep the peace towards Mary, wife of John Whitlock of the same; sureties, Randolph Bingham and Christopher Allen 26 July 1606
John Ranger of Lynsted, carpenter, in £10, to appear and to be of good behaviour; sureties, John Whitlock of the same and Peter Exepart of Harbledown, husbandman. 20 March 1606/7
John Whitlocke of Lynsted, yeoman, at Lynsted, assaulted Thomas Marson of Ospringe, yeoman, hitting him on the head with a stick held in his right hand. [Ignoramus] 3 Jan 1606/7
James Packnam of Lynsted, husbandman, at Lynsted, stole one ewe worth 10s. belonging to Christopher Allen. [Found not guilty] 20 Jan 1606/7
Christopher Allen, yeoman and Henry Leese, husbandman, both of Lynsted, at Lynsted, stole one wether worth 6s. belonging to Randolph Bingham. [Ignoramus] - 1 April 1607
Randall Bingham of Lynsted, yeoman, in £10, to appear to prosecute and give evidence against Christopher Allen and Henry Leese for sheep stealing. 6 April 1607
Christopher Allen of Lynsted, yeoman, in £10, to appear and answer a charge of sheep stealing from Randall Bingham; surety, Henry Leese of the same, husbandman. 7 April 1607
James Pacman of Lynsted, labourer, taken on suspicion of felony, bailed in £20, to appear [at Quarter Sessions] and to answer; sureties, John Norden of Teynham and William Marsham of Rainham, yeomen. 3 June 1607
Inquisition at Lynsted, on 9 April 1608 by John Norden, John Bruson, Robert Allen, Thomas Dabie, John Southouse, Thomas Southouse, John Pising, Thomas Terry, Richard Upton, John Eson, John Church, Henry Leese, John Brodstrete and William Harris, before Sir Michael Sondes and Sir Richard Sondes, present that Gertrude Hawkes of Lynsted, widow, was in legal and quiet possession of a house called the "Adam and Eve" alias "Bartelmeres" and a garden in Lynsted, until Henry Leese of Lynsted, husbandman, James Murfield of Lynsted, butcher and Stephen Godfrey of Lynsted, butcher, on 31 March 1608, expelled Gertrude from the same and kept possession to 6 April 1608. [Henry Leese and James Murfield fined 3s. 4d. at Canterbury Castle, 19 July 1608; process issued against Stephen Godrey. Christopher Pasheley, clerk, Thomas Amys and David Marshall, to give evidence] 9 April 1608.
Henry Leese of Lynsted, husbandman, in £20, to appear and answer; sureties, Robert Watson of Teynham, husband-man. 9 April 1608
James Murfeild of Lynsted, husbandman, in £10, to appear and answer; sureties, Robert Watson, husbandman. 9 April 1608
Richard Cornishe of Lynsted, labourer, from 1 Feb. 1608/9 to the date of the indictment, without licence kept "A Common Tiplinge howse" and sole "bere". Since 1 Feb. 1608/9
Peter Borne of Lynsted, labourer, for the same, since 1 April 1609
Robert Adye of Lynsted, labourer, at Isling, stole one purse worth 2d. and 3s. 4d. in money belonging to Edward Crowcher. [Found not guilty] - 30 Dec 1609
Examination of Robert Ady of Lynsted, labourer, regarding thefts from Edward Crowcher 14 Jan 1609/10
Henry Leese of Lynsted, in £10, to appear and answer charges brought by William Harris and Simon Pye of the same and to be of good behaviour; sureties, John Bruster of Teynham, and Simon Lee of Stalisfield, yeomen. 10 April 1609
Joel Clarke of Lynsted, tailor, at Lynsted, being a tenant of Nicholas Catlett, entered and disseized Nicholas from 1 Jan. 1609/10 to the day of the indictment [24 July 1610] [Restitution to be made] From 1 Jan. 1609/10 to 24 July 1610
John Collyns of [?] Eastling ["Isling"], butcher, and Edward Crowcher of Doddington, labourer, in £5 each, to appear to prosecute and give evidence against Robert Ady of Lynsted, labourer. 14 Jan 1609/10
Richard Davis of Milton, saltpeterman, in £20, to appear and to keep the peace towards Katherine Trollop of Tunstall, widow; sureties, David Downe of Lynsted, and Richard Dan of Borden, yeomen. 18 Aug. 1610
John Maulcher of Teynham, labourer, in £20, to appear, answer and to keep the peace towards William Butt of Teynham, husbandman; sureties, Lawrence Greenestreete of the same, and David Downe of Lynsted, yeomen. 10 Dec. 1610
Robert Sowgate of Lynsted, labourer and John Moore of Teynham, labourer, at Teynham, stole one ewe worth 10d. belonging to Dorothy Bunce. [Acknowledged the indictment] 9 Jan. 1612/13
Daniel Vaughan of Lynsted, yeoman, in £10, to appear to prosecute and give evidence against Robert Sowgate and John Moore for stealing a sheep belonging to Dorothy Bunce, widow - 3 Jan 1612/13
Edward Dive of Sittingbourne, labourer, at Lynsted stole 28 ewes worth £11 4s. belonging to Thomas Godfrey, gentleman. 24 Sept 1613
David Downe of Lynsted, yeoman, in £5, to appear to prosecute and give evidence against Susan Crosfield for stealing three chickens - 15 Aug 1615
John Harris of Lynsted, labourer, stole "a payer of worsted Stockings" worth 8d. belonging to John Prickett from his dwelling house in Holy Cross, Westgate [Canterbury] [Acknowledges the indictment] 8 Oct 1617
Francis Segars, and Francis Fotherby of Lynsted, clerk, and Sara Plumer of the same, spinster, come, and the Jury impanelled to give a verdict on the matter, that is Isaac Goddard, Robert Sharsted, Henry Pannell, James Tong, Thomas Reader the younger, Edward Dabbs, Henry Jenkyns, James Gibston, Edward Downe, Richard Baker, Hugh Fugar and John Stooke, say upon their oath that Francis Fotherby and Sara Plumer are guilty of the trespass and contempt set out in the indictment. The court allows that they shall be fined, and assesses the fines at 3s. 4d. each 1630-1
William Pennyale of Lynsted to be constable of the hundred of Teynham in the place of Thomas May who has died. 1653/4
Simon Hayte of Lynsted to be borsholder of the borough of Brunpett in the place of John Scudge who has died. 1653/4
[Nigel Heriz-Smith comments: I wonder if this is a reference to Bumpit, which was the local poorhouse?]
All differences between the parishes of Lynsted and Sittingbourne concerning the settlement of Elizabeth Ebraham otherwise called Sittingbourne Bess are by this court referred to Sir Michael Livesey, bart., Sir Roger Honywood, Richard Wilkinson, John Osborne and Michael Belke, esquires, justices of the peace or any two or three of them, to examine the same and order the settlement of Elizabeth accordingly. In the meantime Elizabeth to remain at Lynsted and if Elizabeth is adjudged to be settled at Sittingbourne, the overseers of the poor of Sittingbourne to reimburse the overseers of the poor of Lynsted. 1655/6
Alice, the wife of Peter Ford, has been lately delivered of a female child born at Lynsted, it has been proved on oath in open court that many years since she was married to Peter Ford and that he lives in Cranbrook, therefore it is ordered that the child be sent to Peter Ford, the father, at Cranbrook, there to be kept by him according to law and the parishioners of Lynsted are discharged 1657.
Whereas the petition of Benjamin Clerke of Lynsted, blacksmith, showing that during the strength and ability of body he was very laborious in his trade but at length it so happened that having an ague in his leg he was forced to fall into the surgeon's hands which has utterly disabled him to follow any labour so he is reduced to a perishing condition having but 1s. 6d. a week allowance from the parish. He prays the court for an augmentation to his weekly pay. Ordered that the matter be referred to the next justices of the peace living near Lynsted. 1666/7
On complaint of the inhabitants of Lynsted that George Sterling, late of Hartlip, labourer, endeavouring lately to settle himself in Lynsted, the inhabitants on complaint made to Sir William Hugessen and Robert Master, esq., two justices of the peace, obtained a warrant for the removal of George Sterling to Hartlip but George refused to obey the same. Ordered that George Sterling remove from Lynsted to Hartlip and if he refuses to be sent to the house of correction. 1670
Removal order, signed by two justices, for the removal of John Earle, his wife and children, from Lynsted to Eastchurch. Note, order to be quashed 12 December 1700
Deposition of John Murford of Lynsted, husbandman, stating that on 28 July 1704 he saw John Wingfield of Canterbury, writing master, sitting on a bank of the highway in Lynsted with a girl in his lap whom he put on the ground when he saw John Murford. He has since heard the girl was Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Read of Bredgar, a child under the age of eight years 12 August 1704
Quashing an appeal of a removal order for Edmund Dane from Lynsted to Norton - 10 October 1707
Copy of an indictment of a highway in Lynsted containing 20 virgates in length leading from the Hollow Tree to Nondslane and being in a bad state of repair and ought to be repaired by the inhabitants of Lynsted 2 April 1711.
[Nigel Heriz-Smith Comments: Is this what is called Nouds Lane today? A "virgate" is a measure of smaller pieces of land that varies according to the ability of the land to support a family. It could be 15 acres or equally 120 acres!]
Removal order, signed by two justices, for the removal of Edward Philpott, his wife and children from Frinsted to Lynsted. Note, to be confirmed 7 April 1712.

London Marriage Licences in 17th Century - Lynsted

Provided by Peter Stuart,  Kent Family History Society Member No: 9974

Here are some London Marriage Licences of the more famous Lynsted landowners mentioned in the church

BUNCE James, of Greenwich, Kent, esq, about 28 and Dorothy HUGESSON, spinster, 17, consent of father, Sir William HUGESSON, knight of Linsted co. Kent – at Linsted, Henden, or Newton co. Kent. 4 Dec 1661.

EVE Henry DD, of Linsted, Kent, widower, 45, and Martha ROBINSON, of Walthamstow, Essex, spinster, 30, at her own disposal – at Walthamstow or Low Lawton co. Essex. 24 June 1663.

DELAUNE Gideon, of Linsted co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 35, and Anne WECKERLIN of same, widow – at Gillingham, Rainham, Upchurch or Milton, co. Kent. 24 April 1673.

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