Property Records: Wicks Stores formerly The Rose Inn or Royal Oak in Greenstreet

We are grateful to Lyn Fisher for sight of these 16 pages of deeds and related documents. A summary from those documents reveal the detail behind the Rose Inn mystery. These documents peel back the layers of change in use from beer-retailer, confectioners, bakery, and general stores. The commercial use came to an end in recent years with conversion into two private dwellings.

Lyn Fisher's primary interest is in family research that includes Thomas William Vallance.


1. Conveyance dated 3rd. October 1859 of a Beerhouse at Greenstreet, from Miss FitzGibbon to Mr. Payne.

Margaret FitzGibbon of Windsor, Berks. sold the premises to George Payne of Sittingbourne, a brewer. Also mentioned as ‘The Third Part' is Michael Laffan of Mount Jay Street, City of Dublin. (There is a Mountjoy Street north of the city centre). The price was £180.00.

The premises were noted as being known formally as The Oak, but now known as The RoseMiss FitzGibbon was left the pub in a will made by William Mackay (late of Bredgar) dated 7th. June 1847, with 2 codicils dated 21st. September 1849 and 17th. March 1851. The latter codicil was the means by which Miss FitzGibbon was willed the premises. Mr. Mackay died on or about the 6th. February 1853. The will was proved by The Prerogative Court of The Archbishop of Canterbury on the 30th. April 1853. It is not recorded who was the occupier of the premises at the date of the Conveyance. It is stated that ‘ woman who shall become the widow of George Payne shall be entitled to a dower out of the said premises...'. Michael Laffan is recorded as being in possession of the deeds. The document also mentions that Mr. Laffan also holds the title deeds to other property of larger value than this property. Mr. Payne is trying to ensure he has sole title to his purchase. It would be reasonable to assume that Mr. Payne must have borrowed some money from Mr. Laffan for the purchase.

An Indenture dated 13th. December 1826 is mentioned between Henry Stephens and his wife Maria, and William Mackay and John Coulter. One could assume that Mr. Mackay may have originally purchased the premises from Mr. Stephens.

2. Appointment and Conveyance dated 19th July 1870 of a piece of ground at Greenstreet from The Trustees of the Earl of Guildford's Settlement and George Payne.

This document deals with the sale of a piece of ground to George Payne for the sum of £8.00. The vendors were The Right Honorable William John Baron Monson of Burton Hall Lincolnshire, and The Reverend Arthur Eden, described as Clerk of the one part, of Bishopsbourne, near Canterbury. George Payne is now described as a Banker.

The Right Honorable Dudley Francis North, the present Earl of Guildford was only about 19 years old (and therefore legally a minor) when his father The Honorable Dudley North, the eldest son of The Right Honorable Francis Earl of Guildford (commonly called Lord North) passed away on the 28th. January 1860. His son (Dudley North) acquired the land upon his marriage to Charlotte Maria Eden under an Indenture dated the 16th. October 1850. The vendors were Trustees for 3idley Francis North.

The ground comprised 8 perches extending from the rear of the premises already owned by George Payne which fronted the Turnpike Road (London Road) to a wall being built to separate the sale land with other in the ownership of the Trustees. The land measured 48 feet 3 inches along the wall.

3. Conveyance dated 14th. November 1883 of The Rose beerhouse and piece of land at the rear situate at Greenstreet, from George Payne to T W Vallance.

This document covers the sale of the premises by George Payne (described as a banker) to Thomas William Vallance of Aymers, Sittingbourne, for £430.00.

The document was witnessed by Ed. F. Light?, Manager of The Brewery, Sittingbourne.

4. Abstract of Title of Style & Winch Ltd. to "The Rose" beerhouse and a piece of ground at the rear situate at Greenstreet. Dated 1917.

This document details the ownership history of the premises from 14th November 1883 to 1917.

On 14th November 1883 George Payne (described as a banker) sold the premises to Thomas William Vallance of Aymers Sittingbourne for £430.00. (This must surely be connected with Aymers of Lynsted, which had property so named there, some of which still exists by The Vallance). The sale covered both the pub and the land purchased to the rear.

On 31st. March 1905, Catherine Richardson Vallance, the widow of Thomas William Vallance, appears to have formally sold the premises to Messrs. Style & Winch, represented by her sons, James Harcourt Aymer Vallance and Henry Osborne Aymer Vallance, both of Sittingbourne and described as brewers, subject to a total annual rental payment of £400 over all the properties. This was part of a major Company transaction covering £72000.00 worth of property.

The property description now denotes the 8 perches of land to the rear as garden ground, and that the premises covers 11 perches.

The document states that Style & Winch Ltd. was incorporated in 1862.

James Medhurst was the occupier of the Rose at the time of the sale in 1905.

5. Abstract of Title of Messrs. Style & Winch Limited and their Debenture Trustees to "The Rose" beerhouse and land at Greenstreet, Teynham. Dated 1917.

This document sets out the corporate history of the ownership of Messrs. Style & Winch Ltd. from 27th. March 1899 to 15th July 1913. The document is endorsed by hand on 2nd. July 1917, which is just prior to the sale of the premises by Style & Winch to J. F. Honeyball.

6. Consent by Style & Winch Debenture Trustees to the sale of The Rose and land at Greenstreet, dated 8th. August 1917.

Richard Winch of Morden Grange, Blackheath and George Marsham of Hayle Cottage, Maidstone being the present Debenture Trustees of Style & Winch Ltd. give their permission for the sale of the premises and land to the rear to J. F. Honeyball of Newgardens Teynham for £275.00. Catherine R. Vallance agrees that the premises can be sold as she is assured her £400 will be paid from other sources.

7. Conveyance dated 20th. August 1917 of a messuage and garden ground at Greenstreet from Style & Winch Ltd. to J. F. Honeyball.

This document covers the sale of the premises and land to James Frederick Honeyball of Newgardens Teynham for £275.00. Signatories for Style & Winch are C. H. Style and Geo. B. Winch as Directors. As Catherine Richardson Vallance of Aymers was in receipt of the annual rental from Style & Winch in respect of the Company transaction on 31st. March 1905, she is a party to the sale as well. Her signature is witnessed by James Durtnell of Aymers Sittingbourne, described as Butler.

8. Conveyance dated 5th. November 1923 of a messuage shop and premises known as the Rose Bakery situate at Greenstreet from Mrs. O L Honeyball and others to Charles H Gambell.

This document covers the sale of the property by Olympia Loetitia Honeyball of Newgardens Teynham, widow of Col. J. F. Honeyball, Frank Honeyball of Lane End Canterbury, a coal merchant, and Arthur William Meers of "Sharsted", Kippington, Sevenoaks, to Charles Herbert Gambell of the Rose Bakery Teynham, described as a baker and confectioner, for £600.00. Colonel J. F. Honeyball died on 25th. June 1923, and he left the property to the vendors as executors and trustees in his will dated 17th. April 1923. The will was granted probate on 25th. August 1923. The property is described as abutting London Road. Arthur Meers' signature is witnessed by Muriel K. Honeyball, spinster, of Sharsted, Sevenoaks, (the same address as Mr. Meers!).

9. Abstract of the Title of the Trustees of the Will of the late Lieut.-Col. J. F. Honeyball V.D. to a messuage and garden ground at Greenstreet dated 1923.

This document covers the ownership of the property from 31st. March 1905. J. F. Honeyball is described as a Lieut.-Col. (Hon. Colonel) 4th Territorial Battn. "The Buffs" V.D. J.P. Frank Honeyball was his half-brother, and Arthur Meers his brother-in-law. Newgardens Teynham is described as a freehold mansion house, and had about 12 acres of orchards and pasture adjoining.

10. Supplemental Abstract of the Title of the Trustees of the Will of the late Lieut.-Col. J. F. Honeyball to the "Rose Bakery" at Greenstreet. Dated 1923.

This document covers various corporate activities relating to Messrs. Style & Winch, setting out the transfer of the Debenture Trusteeship as various trustees died etc.

11. Mortgage of the "Rose Bakery", Greenstreet dated 21st. November 1923 between Mr. C. F. Gambell and Messrs. W. P. & H. Ward. Also addended thereon is the Statutory Receipt dated 3rd. November 1932 between Messrs. Percy and Harry Ward and Mr. Frederick Leonard Clarke.

This document covers the loan of £400.00 to Charles Frank Gambell of the "Rose Bakery" by Walter Ward of West View, Steyne Gardens, Worthing (Gentleman), Percy Ward of 28 Park Road, Sittingbourne (Solicitor's Clerk) and Harry Ward of 55 Park Road, Sittingbourne (Iron & Steel Commission Agent). Interest was set at 5 1/2%. The Rose Bakery was the security.

Percy Ward was a Clerk at Winch, Greensted & Winch, solicitors of Sittingbourne.

The addendum confirms repayment of the mortgage to the surviving lenders, Walter Ward having died on 12th. June 1927. It was paid by Frederick Leonard Clarke of Victoria Bakery, Faversham to whom the mortgage was transferred on 22nd. June 1925.

12. Conveyance of the Equity of Redemption in . . . the "Rose Bakery", Greenstreet, dated 22nd. June 1925, between Mr. Charles Herbert Gambell and others and Mr. Frederick L. Clarke.

This document covers the taking over of the repayment of the mortgage by Mr. Clarke, described as a baker and confectioner. and also the purchase of the property by Mr. Clarke by payment of £170.00 to Mr. Gambell. Harry Ward is now noted to be living at "Strathmore", Grasmere Road, Purley, Surrey.

13. Conveyance of freehold premises "Rose Bakery", Greenstreet dated 24th July 1946 from the Personal Representative of Frederick Leonard Clarke Deceased and Messrs. Theodore Wicks and Norman Alfred Wicks.

This covers the sale of the property by Jessie Louisa Clarke (widow) of "Heybridge" London Road, Teynham to Theodore Wicks of Tonge Mill and Norman Wicks of Mafradine, London Road, Bapchild. They are described as in partnership as Grocers in the name of Wicks Bros. (Grocers). Mr. Clarke died on 22nd. February 1946. His will dated 23rd. March 1923 left the property to the vendor who was his Executrix, and was granted probate on 24th. May 1946.

There is a plan showing the boundary measurements as 48ft.3in. to Greenstreet, 68ft.4in. to the London side, 67ft.9in. to the other side, and 47ft9in. to the rear. There is a double line shown to the rear which scales about 10in., which could either represent a kerb or narrow verge. The side dimensions include the double lines. The property is shown in its entirety as No. 87.

Jessie Clarke's signature was witnessed by W C A? French of Teynham, Butcher and Grocer. The sale price was £2,700.00.

14. Deed of Appointment and Conveyance dated 11th May 1971 of the property Known as 87 and 89 London Road, Teynham between Mr. T. Wicks and Mr. C. C. Wicks, and Mr. K. H. Hawkins.

This document covers the sale of the property to Kenneth Harry Hawkins. Christopher Charles Wicks of Tonge Mill was Appointer and the New Trustee for Norman Wicks, who died on 8th. March 1971. The sale price was £4,800.00.

15. Abstract of the Title of Mr. Theodore Wicks and Mr. Norman Wicks to freehold property situate and known as Number 87 London Road Teynham. Dated 1971.

This document adds no additional information to previous documents.

16. Assignment of goodwill of business of general stores carried on at 87/89 London Road Teynham dated 26th September 1977, between Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Hawkins and J. Trotter Esq.

This document covers the sale of the goodwill only in the business known as "Wicks" by K. H. Hawkins and his wife June to James Trotter of 1 Lydd Gardens, Stainsby Hill, Thornaby, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland, for £1,500.00. The document was witnessed for the Hawkins by Sharyn Rossiter-Stead (spinster), a Chartered Accountant of 60 Station Road, Teynham.

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