Lynsted Church Flower Festivals - 1988 - Flower Festival: All Good Gifts Around Them

We have 44 images archived (selection below) and the Programme that listed each flower arrangement in this table (below). We also have a newspaper report.

A and B In the Porch: Wayside Flowers Butterflies Lynsted Church Freda Wood and Marlene King
C The Sea Shore Lynsted with Teynham WI Joan Dutton and Esther Smith
D The Sun Lynsted Church  
E Colour Derby and Joan Club Alice Wyles
F Creatures great and small Lynsted and Norton Primary School Michelle Gambell
G Rain Lynsted Michelle Gambell
H The Moon Greenstreet W I Jean Station
I Children Doddington and Newnham Churches Mary Chastney and Heather Parry
J Snow and Ice Gardener's Association Joyce Boorman
K Kentish Fruit Men of Ken and Kentish Men Eileen Neaves and Joyce Gates
L Fruit of the Vine The Black Lion Eileen Neaves and Joyce Gates
M Fruits of the Sea Oare Parish Anne Medley
N Waterfalls Lynsted Church Pamela Lewis
O Fire Lynsted Church Pearl Fisher
P New Life Kingsdown Church Joyce Ansell
Q Food from the Earth Age Concern Phyllis Coppins
R a The Day Lynsted Church Marlene King
R b The Night Lynsted Church Pearl Fisher
S Peace Lynsted Church Daphne Elvy
T The Desert Teynham Church Barbara Buse
U Music Norton Church M.L. Lacamp
V Bread   Elaine Olley
W Tranquility Sittingbourne Roman Catholic Church Margaret Ryan
X The Rainbow Lynsted Church Eileen Tonkin
Y A Childhood Prayer Hinxhill Parish Church Celia Reynolds
Z Serendipity Eastling Terence Gilbert

Images from the Festival

  • The Altar The Altar
  • Hitchen's Plaque and Vestry Hitchen's Plaque and Vestry
  • The Altar - towards the Roper Chapel The Altar - towards the Roper Chapel
  • By the Pulpit By the Pulpit
  • Pulpit setting Pulpit setting
  • Pillar Setting Pillar Setting
  • Font Setting Font Setting
  • Bees and Butterflies Bees and Butterflies
  • Belfry Door Setting Belfry Door Setting
  • Pillar Setting Pillar Setting
  • War Memorial Setting War Memorial Setting
  • Table by Belfry Door Table by Belfry Door
  • Artist's Frames Artist's Frames
  • Rood Screen Stairway Rood Screen Stairway
  • View into the Roper Chapel View into the Roper Chapel
  • Pillar to the Right of the Choir Pillar to the Right of the Choir
  • Rural Scene  in the Choir Stalls (Roper Chapel side) Rural Scene in the Choir Stalls (Roper Chapel side)
  • War Memorial War Memorial
  • Display of Lace Making Display of Lace Making
  • North Wall across the pews (now removed) North Wall across the pews (now removed)
  • The Choir Seated The Choir Seated
  • Altar Dressing Altar Dressing
  • Pulpit - long view Pulpit - long view
  • Advent Candle dressing Advent Candle dressing
  • Close up of display Close up of display

Newspaper Cuttings: Saying it with Flowers

June 23rd 1988

Lynsted Church was ablaze with colour at the weekend as it hosted the annual village flower festival.

Mrs Maureen Brown, treasurer of the Flower Festival Committee, said: "It was another tremendous success.  We try to invite all the organisations in the village, so socially it is a success because it brings all the different groups together. And this year we again received lots of good comments."

Groups who displayed arrangements included the church bell-ringers, Lynsted and Teynham Cubs, Lynsted and Norton Primary School, the two local Womens' Institutes, the Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men, Teynham doctors surgery, the local gardening association, Age Concern and the Darby and Joan Club.

The craft demonstrations proved popular and these included calligraphy, lace making and pottery.

Money raised goes into Flower Festival funds, part of which are later handed over to the Church Restoration Fund.

Jackie Ross displays her talent for embroidery and caligraphy

Lyn French with her arrangement on a theme of music

Pearl Fisher demonstrates patchwork quilting

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