Auction of Lynsted Lodge Estate - 26th September 1919

The Times: 6th September 1919: "AUCTION. LYNSTED, EAST KENT. Between Sittingbourne and Faversham. In a healthy position 1½ miles from Teynham Station. MESSRS COBB will SELL by AUCTION, at the Bull Hotel, Sittingbourne, on Friday, September 26th, 1919 at 3 p.m., in 13 lots the important Freehold Residential and Agricultural Property known as the LYNSTED LODGE ESTATE" ... Total:"513a. 2r. 30p. Also quit rents amounting to £28 8s. 11d. per annum. Possession of the lodge will be given on completion of the purchase, but the remainder is let on various tenancies at gross rentals amounting to £1,000. Particulars and conditions of sale may be obtained at the place of sale; of Messrs Tassell and Sons, Solicitors, Faversham; and of Messrs. H. and R.L. COBB, Surveyors, Land Agents, and Auctioneers, 61 and 62, Lincoln's Inn fields, London, W.C, 2, and Cathedral chambers, Rochester."

Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald: 4th October 1919: "LYNSTED LODGE ESTATE. IN THE AUCTION MART.
Messrs H. and R.L.Cobb offered for sale at the Bull Hotel, Sittingbourne, on Friday, the freehold residential and agricultural property known as the Lynsted Lodge Estate, comprising the family residence Lynsted Lodge, Loyterton, Colyers, and Park Farms, also several small holdings of orchard and arable land and cottages the whole covering an area of 513a.2r. 30p. The Results"

Lynsted Lodge Estate Auction - Notice and Outcome
Times Notice
6th September 1919
Whitstable Times & Herne Bay Herald
4th October 1919
Lot 1. Lynsted Lodge and Grounds. Quantity 31a. 3r. 23p. Lot 1.- Lynsted Lodge - unsold
Lot 2. Park Farm. Quantity 151a. 1r. 18p. Lot 2.- Park Farm, in the parish of Lynsted - Unsold
Lot 3. A Choice Cherry Orchard. Quantity 14a. 1r. 10p. Lot 3.- 14a. 1r.16p. cherry orchard, in the parishes of Lynsted and Doddington. - £2,000
Lot 4. Colliers Farm. Quantity 73a. 2r. 33p. Lot 4.- Colyers Farm, in the parishes of Lynsted and Doddington. - £2,000
Lot 5. Judge's Cottage and Orchard. Quantity 6a. 1r. 30p. Lot 5.- Judges Cottage and Orchard and Orchard, Lynsted, having an area of 6a. 1r. 30p.- £1,850
Lot 6. Sherlock's Holding. Quantity 8a. 0r. 20p. Lot 6.- Compact small holding. St. Christophers, in the parishes of Lynsted and Doddington. 8a. 0r. 1p.. - £1,550
Lot 7. Arable land and Yew Tree Cottage. Quantity 29a. 3r. 27p. Lot 7.- 30a. 0r. 6p. arable land and Yew Tree Cottage, in the village of Lynsted.- £1,050
Lot 8 & 9. Three Cottages, St. Christopher's Row. Quantity 0a. 2r. 23p. Lot 8.- Brick built cottage, Lynsted.- £160.
Lot 9.- Pair of brick built cottages, Lynsted adjoining lot 8.- £250
Lot 10. Small Holding of Orchard with House and Buildings. Quantity 3a. 0r. 37p.
Lot 10.- Small holding, Kingsdown orchard, with cottage and garden, in the parish of Lynsted.- £650
Lot 11. Erriotwood Cottage and Shaw. Quantity 0a. 2r. 0p. Lot 11.- Detached cottage and garden, in the parish of Lynsted.- £150
Lot 12. Loyterton Farm. Quantity 191a. 0r. 31p. Lot 12.- Loyterton Farm, in the parishes of Lynsted and Doddington.- Unsold
Lot 13. Marshlands Iwade. Quantity 2a. 1r. 12p. Lot 13.- 2a. 1r. 12p. marsh land, in the parish of Iwade.- £50

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