The Rainer Family in Lynsted and Teynham

Due to the generosity of Rod and his father Stanley John Rainer, we have been given a family tree of this local family.

Ron Rainer's research has been beset by familiar difficulties with the spelling of family names in the eighteenth century. As Ron explained, with literacy levels being low, it means many manuscript records are based on an interpretation of what is said. On one occasion, contained in the attached file, the mis-spelling of this family name was subsequently corrected in parish records. Nevertheless, this document flows from 1759 into the present day.

The family history draws a picture of ancestors drawn from Chatham, Teynham, Lynsted (Mill House), Hollingbourne, to Faversham and beyond. The Society is grateful to Mr Rainer for sharing this PDF document with us.

To consult this document, you will need an Adobe or other PDF reader.

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