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The Society is very grateful to Myra Scott for sharing so many of her memories and family records that bring her family's story to life.

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2. Marriage: George Archibald Macey and Gladys May Hudson 8. Family Tree - Hudson Family
3. Marriage: Walter Frederick Macey to Dorothy Eileen Hudson Scrapbook of Stedlyn greyhound breeding (opens a new page)
4. Marriage: Florence Ivy Hudson and Thomas Richard Oakley Dr Who in Lynsted... from the Dr Who Magazine
5. More about Myra's father in wartime  
6. Husband, Len Scott's devotion to the Lynsted Church Clock Archaeological Survey of Stelyn Retreat (2004) - required prior to site development of St Paul's Court

To support that story, we pulled together two family trees: Macey (and Hudson).

Macey Family Tree expanded

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First Generation

The story begins in 1803 with the birth of Thomas Macey in Canterbury and his subsequent marriage to Elizabeth Ann Hayward in her home village of Wye. They appeared to have two children - Charles and Elizabeth Ann. But the branch of interest here follows Charles.

Second Generation

Charles Macey (1827 - 1900) was christened in Wye on 15th October 1827 and married Ann Maria Peckman (1831 - 1905), from Preston in Kent, on 25th December 1851. Ann Maria died in 24th January 1905 at 22 Bayford road, Sittingbourne with effects of £300 16s. 1d. Charles and Ann Maria were not unusual in having a large family of 12 children.

Charles Macey is recorded as a "beer seller" and "licensed victualler" in "The Masons Arms", recorded at the time as No. 95 West Street, Faversham. That pub closed long ago and is now a private residence. When he died in Faversham (3rd December 1900), his sons, Frank Henry (also "Henry Frank") and Frederick Henry Macey, took over the tenancy. This was one of the many pubs owned by the Neames family in Kent at that time.

Third Generation

The children from Charles and Ann Marie's marriage were made up of:

Male Female
  b. 1851 (Sittingbourne), Ellen Frances (m.1871, Richard Moore)
b. 1854 (Sittingbourne), Frank Henry  
b. 1855 (Sittingbourne), Charles Edward; d. 27th October 1878  
  b. 1858 (Sittingbourne), Elizabeth Jane (m. 1877, Frederick Houghton)
  b. 1860 (Faversham), Ann Maria (m. 1881, Thomas George Clark)
b. 1864 (Dover), William Edward
(see notes below about this family's "black sheep")
b. 1866 (Hougham, near Dover), George Edwin (m. 1895, Elizabeth Jane Berry)  
b. 1870 (Faversham), Edward William (m. Alice)  
  b. 1871 (Faversham), Rosetta Caroline
b. 1873 (Faversham), Frederick Henry  
b. 1876 (Faversham), Henry Frank  


b. 1878 (Faversham), Emily Jane

Additional Notes:

South Eastern Gazette of 13th November 1888
Faversham Court William Macey, labourer, was charged with assaulting his father, Charles Macey. The case was remanded for a week.

Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald of Saturday, 24th November 1888
THE ALLEGED BRUTAL ASSAULT ON A FATHER. At the Borough Police Court on Wednesday, before the Mayor (T.Gillett, Esq) and R. Watson Smith, Esq., William Macey, 24, was brought up on remand charged with a brutal assault on his father, Charles Macey, landlord of the Mason's Arms, West Street, by kicking him so as to endanger his life. Superintendent Breary stated that he had made inquiries as to the condition of the injured man, and found that he was still unable to attend, and would be, in all probability, for at least another fortnight. The prison was again remanded for a week.

Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald of Saturday, 1st December 1888
THE ALLEGED BRUTAL ASSUALT ON A FATHER. At the Borough Police Court on Wednesday, before the Mayor (T.Gillett. Esq), and the Ex-Mayor (J.M.Goldfinch, Esq), William Macey was again brought up on remand charged with a brutal assault on his father by kicking him so as to endanger his life. The injured man was still unable to attend, and the prisoner was further remanded for a week.

Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald of Saturday, 5th January 1889

THE SERIOUS ASSAULT ON A FATHER. At the Borough Quarter Sessions on Monday the Recorder (Mr. G.E. Dering) had before him the case in which William Macey, 24, labourer, was charged with unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grevious bodily harm upon Charles Macey, at Faversham, on November 5th. Mr. R.F. Gibson, barrister, prosecuted. A curious circumstance in regard to the case was that the prisoner refused to plead, and the case was gone into as if he had pleaded not guilty. Mr. Gibson said that since prisoner had been in gaol he had refused to speak at all, but he would put in a certificate from the prison doctor in which he stated that the prisoner was quite sane and that he was a malingerer, pretending not to be able to understand or speak. The evidence, which has been reported in these columns, showed that an unprovoked and brutal attack was made by the prisoner upon his father. The Recorder characterised the case as an offence of the worst kind that could be brought within the Act, and said he should feel himself wanting in his duty if he did not pass the heaviest sentence that the law allowed - penal servitude for five years.

South Eastern Gazette of 26th July 1910
Licensees - "Mason's Arms", West Street, Faversham, beerhouse, licensee Henry Frank Macey, owners Mrs. Mary Ann Brooks, 58, Preston Street, Faversham, and Percy Beale Neame, Faversham.

Of these children, George Edwin Macey provides the link with the next generation and Stedlyn Farm in Lynsted.

Fourth Generation

Grandmother Anna Macey seated Aunt Patience standingGrandfather George Edwin Macey - Cherry PickingGeorge Edwin (left) appears as a brickmaker in Faversham in 1891 and it was in Faversham that he married Elizabeth Jane Berry (witnesses were Robert Henry Groom and Jane Elizabeth Wanstall) on 6th December 1927 in St. Stephens Church, Dover. Elizabeth may have lived at 45 Newton Road, Faversham, before their marriage. By 1901, George had become a "fish dealer" living in Wallers Road, Faversham alongside his brother, Edward William. In 1911, he is recorded as "fish hawker", living at Black Cottages, Teynham.

George Edwin and Elizabeth Jane Macey (née Berry) had nine children, one of whom sadly died before he was six months old - Frank Henry Macey (b.7th January 1903, died 2nd January 1903). Their children were:

Male Female
  b. 1894 (Faversham), Patience Annie
  b. 1896 (Faversham), Lydia Frances
b. 1898 (The Brents, Faversham), Charles Edwin [War Records survive]  
  b. 1900 (Faversham), Pretoria May
b. Jan. 1903 (Teynham), Frank Henry [died at 6 months old]  
b. Dec. 1903 (Teynham), George Archibald [Myra Scott's father] [m. Gladys May Hudson]  
b. 1906 (Teynham), Walter Frederick [m. Dorothy Eileen Hudson]  
b. 1908 (1908), Percy Vincent  
  b. 1911 (Teynham), Hilda Jane
  b. 1912 (1 Lynsted Lane), Irene (known as "Rene")

Patience Annie Macey married in Faversham Registry Office to Alfred John Stevens (39) in 1920. They lived on the Lynsted side of Greenstreet opposite the Post Office according to Myra's recollections. Alfred had hitherto lived in Lewson Street.

The last entry for "Rene" was a favourite aunt of Myra's. "Rene" married Albert Edward Annand on 22nd December 1934 at the Methodist Chapel on Lynsted Lane. Albert was a "Yard Gang Stopper(? not clear)" whose father was a "time keeper in Lloyds offices".

For more information you can read the Hudson Family Tree and the Stedlyn Farm story that brings to life the stories of Myra's Family. For those with an interest in archaeology - turn to the Report compiled before Stedlyn Farm was developed.

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